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Monday, April 26, 2010

Gray Discusses Future With Richt

An already shallow depth chart at quarterback for Georgia could take another major hit as the Bulldogs anxiously await a decision on the future of junior Logan Gray.

After being named the No. 2 quarterback behind redshirt freshman Aaron Murray last week, Gray is considering a transfer, according to the school.

Gray met with head coach Mark Richt on Monday morning to discuss his future, and according to the Georgia sports information department, the quarterback is weighing his options on whether to remain in Athens or finish his career elsewhere.

Should Gray decide to transfer, Georgia would be left with just two quarterbacks on scholarship – Murray and freshman Hutson Mason, who will not arrive on campus for another month.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Zach Mettenberger was dismissed from the program earlier this month after an alcohol-related arrest in March.

Gray served as the team’s No. 2 quarterback last season but saw minimal playing time despite the struggles of starter Joe Cox. Gray threw just 12 passes last season, completing five and throwing two interceptions. He also operated occasionally in the Wildcat formation, running nine times for 35 yards.

The lack of playing time last season caused Gray to request a position change in January. Coaches toyed with the idea of moving him to receiver, but he was convinced to remain at quarterback through the spring in what was called an open competition for the starting job.

With Mettenberger’s dismissal, however, a position change would be difficult for Gray, but his chances of unseating Murray also appeared slim.

Gray completed 10-of-17 passes for 132 yards and a touchdown in Georgia’s spring game, and afterward he said he remained encouraged about his chances, regardless of where he might end up on the depth chart.

“It matters some, but ultimately everybody’s going to have to compete again during fall camp, go out and take reps and make plays and run the offense again,” Gray said. “So even though they may list the quarterbacks, it’ll be good to see where they’re judging us from a spring standpoint, but it can also be motivation to work even harder for fall.”

When Georgia’s depth chart was released last week, Richt said he was encouraged by Gray’s progress, but he didn’t rule out a change of position for the junior either.

"I want him to be in the best position to help Georgia win, and whether that’s No. 2 quarterback or getting some reps at receiver or something, that remains to be seen," Richt said last week. "But we just want to get him in the best position to help Georgia."


Anonymous said...

Meh...I'll take Murray getting 100% reps with first string all fall. Mason will be too busy learning the playbook and whatnot to be working with the 1st string. (as all progress he makes with the 2nd team would be just as good as progress with the first string.) So really all this means is if Murray gets hurt it hurts bad, but on teh plus side it allows whoever we bring in for 2011 class to have acess at 2nd string straight up and not be battling Gray for it.

William Neilson Jr. said...

It is disgusting seeing our fans treat Logan. If he wants to transfer to get PT, I get that and so does any parent whose son would be in the same position.

Excuse me while I laugh at those "holier than thou" people who have no kids and keep harping on how they would force Logan to stay

Such bullcrap

He has worked his butt off and deserves our support either way

JasonC said...

I agree he can make his own decision, but it seems a bit stupid to bail now when there is less competition.

If you could buy stock in Hutson Mason, do it. This kid seems to be falling up the ladder and he hasn't even arrived in Athens yet.

David Hale said...

I don't think it's about being "closer than ever" for Logan. From what I've been told, he truly wants to play receiver now and that's not much of an option at UGA apparently. But we shall see... perhaps he decides to stay.

Anonymous said...

Let him play reciever I say, we only had like 4 of those on scholarship in the spring. If Murray gets hurt we can move him back and we can run the end around pass. AppleDawg, I see no one b***hing about that on this thread, why don't you go b***h somewhere where people are saying that kind of thing where you might can make a difference.

Unknown said...


Do our coaches not understand economics? I don't mean that as a snide remark degrading the coaches, but this situation just doesn't make much sense to me. As it appears to me, there are three possible scenarios regarding Logan:

Scenario 1: Logan remains at QB, likely in the backup role...still a bit of a depth problem, but nothing scary.

Scenario 2: Logan moves to WR, we are left dangerously thin at QB, but our WR depth gets a (needed) boost.

Scenario 3: We don't allow Logan to change positions and he transfers to another school. Our QB depth is thin and our WR depth doesn't improve...but hey, we get a scholarship!

Now the fact that we've heard that Logan wants either a position change or a transfer more or less rules out Scenario 1, so let's remove the benefits from that and just take the fact that we'll be thin at QB to the bank.

Our options at this point are to be thin at QB and allow Logan to move to WR, or be thin at QB and allow Logan to transfer schools, but gain a scholarship.

I'm not exactly Ben Bernanke, but isn't it completely obvious that Scenario 2 is the best possible scenario for Georgia? The only benefit derived from Scenario 3 is an extra scholarship...which is a benefit that only can really be enjoyed when the team HAS a lot of depth and doesn't need immediate players...not the other way around.

Is this something the coaches can't see...or is it a pride issue? What's the deal with not allowing the position change (if that's the case)?

David Hale said...

Rob -- That's what I'm curious about. You've stated it well, and I'm not sure what to say. Everything I've been told is that Logan loves being at Georgia and wants to stay, but this is about playing time and his future. So... why not try to accomodate him any way you can?

MykieSee said...

Maybe, just maybe, he sucks as a receiver. I haven't really seen him play receiver that much. Mr. Hale could probably comment on Logan's receiving skills, but maybe that's why Coach Richt won't allow Logan to move to that position.

Unknown said...

Mykie, you could be right, but I'd say that's a pretty unlikely scenario. Rarely is the guy who's praised as being the most physically gifted, athletically talented, fastest quarterback on the roster going to be a crappy receiver. His skill set is just too similar to a receiver to chalk it up as him being bad at the position. Past examples: Hines Ward, Brad Smith, Matt Jones, Russell Shepherd...just to name a few.

MykieSee said...

I'm like you - I don't understand the rumors (and that's all they are at this point) of not allowing a position change to keep Logan on the roster at least. Just throwing something out there to try and get my head wrapped around it. Common sense says you gotta try to keep him any way you can, right?

jferg said...

I hate the internet sometimes. I hate that every tom, dick, and harry can voice their opinion, no matter how insane or off-base, and it is credited to all UGA fans.

Hale, is there another story as to "why" he couldn't change positions? Such as, he wants to play substantial snaps...and he'd be 3rd string WR...and therefore would play as much as M Brown circa the coaches don't see that move as a viable option for actual playing time? If he's not going to play for UGA, regardless of position, then it makes sense to seek PT elsewhere (if PT is what you desire most).

Anonymous said...

When I played the coach told you what position you were going to play based on what he saw. If you didn't like it you could quit or play that position. I get the impression that the coaching staff is treating Gray with kid gloves. Doing what's best for the team is what should be most important. If Gray isn't comfortable with that then he should transfer.

David Hale said...

I don't even know that it's that he CAN'T change positions. But I'd wonder how much PT he'd even get at WR. This is an odd situation, and until we hear from Logan directly, I'm hesitant to hazard a guess as to his true line of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Logan will get his PT at qb if he just sticks around. He's very valuable to our offense in a lot of ways and I find it hard to believe that it's not going to evidence itself in some way this season or next.