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Friday, August 20, 2010

A.J. the juggler

Pretty entertaining media session tonight with A.J. Green. The Georgia star receiver was wearing a Playboy All-American T-shirt, and joked that he also got a magazine with it.

Just for the articles, a reporter said to Green.

“Love the articles,” Green replied, to media laughter.

Green also said, with a smile, that he’d have to hide the shirt and Playboy sweatshirt from his mother, who was coming up Saturday morning.

There also came the revelation that Green was once a competitive juggler. No, really. He was on his elementary school juggling team, first picking up the skill as a second-grader.

“That helped with my hand and eye coordination a lot,” he said.

He can still juggle up to four things at a time.

“I can juggle everything: Pins, bowling pins, whatever,” Green said.

The craziest thing he can juggle? Metal rods, he said.

(There's a double entendre here to be done with the juggling and the Playboy thing. I'll let you figure it out.)

And, by the way, Green can also ride a unicycle.

Really. Who knew?

For more on all this, read Paul Newberry’s future story in the Associated Press.

Green was also briefly asked about his NFL future – “I’m taking it day-by-day” and the NCAA inquiry – which he still can’t comment on. He was hoping he could next week.

On the topic of Green and the NFL, quarterback Aaron Murray had a good quip.

“You never know, there might be a lockout,” Murray said, smiling. “I won’t complain too much if he wants to stay two more years.”

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