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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anybody up for a mailbag?

I have to form this into a question this time, because, well, it's summer and nothing much is going on. So maybe you don't have questions. Maybe you're taking some time off from football, Georgia athletics, or whatever. Maybe you're in Europe on vacation. Well, Europe or Early County, whichever you can handle.

In any case, yours truly is two days from my own two-week break. But it's been weeks since a mailbag, so I figure this would be a good time to throw open the satchel and see if anybody wants to throw any questions in.

If there's enough response, I'll post a mailbag before I leave. And as always, feel free to ask anything under the sun. Well, almost anything. Things I can't answer for various reasons:

- Where do we go when we die?

- What's wrong with the U.S. national soccer team?

- Why is "Jersey Shore" still a hit?

Anything else, fire away. Post a queetion below, or tweet at me, or email me at

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