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Friday, December 31, 2010

From the locker room

MEMPHIS - I was on the field in the waning moments of the Liberty Bowl, and was struck by two things: The stunned, helpless frustration of the Georgia sideline, and the invective - not much, but notable - being hurled by a few fans at their Bulldog team.

No cursing, but when they're calling for Hutson Mason on the final drive, you know it's been that kind of game.

Afterwards, Blair Walsh probably had the kind of words that those fans would most appreciate.

“It’s embarrassing to be part of a losing season, it absolutely is," he said. "My three years haven’t been what I wanted them to be, success and the team-wise. And we’ll change that. The culture of our program is changing, and I think the players are changing as well. We’ve got a new regime of seniors in and we’ll go from there.”

More Walsh:

“Our attitude needs to change. We’re not entitled to win any games. Even though it was UCF, it was Conference USA, I think we felt like we were entitled to win this game. We can’t feel that way. They’re a great team, they absolutely are. But we need to play better and win. At the end of the day you’re playing football, you’re not playing conference, and which conference is better.”

Walsh mentioned that sense of entitlement a few times, including in a tweet he sent a few minutes later. Did the Bulldogs have a false sent of superiority over Central Florida just because of the difference in conferences? Who knows, but after Friday's game, UCF may be a bit more attractive to the Big East, and the SEC may be ready to give Georgia a big kick in the you-know-what for not representing the league well on national television.

A few more quotes:

- Richt was asked if he regretted kicking the field goal on the opening drive, rather than going for it on fourth-and-inches from the 3.

“Well if I’d known what the final score was, yeah. But I think it was the right thing to do at the time,” he said. “I think a couple players were upset that I didn’t go for it at that time. But I was like, if you wanna make it, make it on third-and-one, don’t tell me you wanna go for it on fourth-and-one.”

- Aaron Murray wasn't available to talk to the media. But Richt said the glove-wearing was because the quarterback had thrown in them under wet conditions in practice, and just felt comfortable doing so on Friday.

"I don’t think that was a factor (in Murray's performance)," Richt said. "It was more windy than it was wet. But I don’t think the wind was a factor. I think he just misfired, and probably tried to force it a couple times.”

- A.J. Green reiterated that he hasn't made a decision on the NFL, and said he wouldn't for at least a couple days.

But Walsh, who has also submitted his name to the NFL draft advisory committee, said he's coming back.

- Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo gave credit to Central Florida for mixing up its blitzes, and said Georgia didn't do a good enough job on third down.

"We've gotta go back and re-dedicate ourselves to doing what it takes, and that includes every single man, every single coach, everybody in the Butts-Mehre to do what it takes to be a championship team," Bobo said.


Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah...

I will only believe what our coaches and players say about getting things turned around when I see it on the field.

coastiedawg said...
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coastiedawg said...

"We've gotta go back and re-dedicate ourselves to doing what it takes, and that includes every single man, every single coach, everybody in the Butts-Mehre to do what it takes to be a championship team," Bobo said.

Seriously, how many times to we have to hear this exact statement from one of our coaches?

Anonymous said...

When will CMR quit being so loyal to BoBo,,,,

Anonymous said...

I can't recall the last time I was so embarrassed,,,,

Anonymous said...

I openly question if Rich will be back. After his press conference before the game it didn't sound like he wanted to be there. After seeing him on the sideline it didn't appear he wanted to be there. In fact, he looked half asleep.

Richt really needs to get some sleep tonight and get up in the morning and really look in the mirror and decide if he wants to continue coaching at UGA. And most importantly he needs to honestly determine if the fire and edge is still there because I sure didn't see it tonight. What I saw was 100%apathy. That apathy should be a game changer in the mind of McGarity. I question as a season ticket holder why I should donate money for next year when I saw what I did tonight. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. And I'm not talking about just losing a bowl game. I'm talking about where the program is right now and where it is headed. I'm talking about a coach that seems to have lost his way, his team, and his fanbase.

Anonymous said...

This is a new low for UGA Football. Lets Face it folks its time for Richt to move on and Now is the time !

Anonymous said...

Same ole Crap and Excuses for the last three years now. Its time for CMR to go.

Anonymous said...

A month to prepare for the game and we can't even score a touchdown? Really? Bobo can CMA! I'm tired of the BS 'whatever it takes' response every time we get our butts handed to us.

Name one SEC school where Bobo could get hired as an OC. Just one. YOU CAN'T!

Demand change today. Not after next season. Richt will be fine. A good man who has done some good things for UGA. The run is over. What must be done sooner or later could and SHOULD be done sooner!

Anonymous said...

C'mon MR you are a great family man but i honestly having played the game myself can almost read your expert offensive cor. (Bobo ha ha) I can predict his offense and it is predictably you only recruit skill position players jim donnans recruits and vangorder made georgia look good early on with the in state recruits their is no reason we shouldn't be a top ten team every year bobby bowden told you you couldn't get a better job than the geogia job. look at alabama games are won in the trenches Ealey would be one of the best backs in the land behind a good offensive line everybody thinks our offensive line would be good this year i knew better why slow feet. let the bulldawg nation move on and let georgia move on as well keep gratham and let the search for a new coach and move ahead and for the new AD do as you promised by acting on your quote that you expect georgia to compete on the highest level if you meant that mark richt won't be back next year. But i wish Mark Richt the best in life. Best frinds don't work in college football the coach is a manager and you have to have great coaches at all positions to win at a highest level in the SEC. That will never happen under MR. To the AD at georgia want another 6-6 season keep MR.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:27-

As a fellow season ticket holder (8 of em) I too and thinking really hard about whether to donate or not in February.

Bobo most def needs to go. And prolly CMR too.

Anon, your post was spot on.