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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mark Richt, dropping d-bombs all over Memphis

Mark Richt has said before that he didn’t push his team hard enough in preseason practice. But the Georgia head football coach went a bit further on Thursday, including what for him is some colorful language.

During a press conference in Memphis to promote the Liberty Bowl, Richt was asked about his team’s turnaround after a 1-4 start. After saying wryly that “getting A.J. Green back may have helped,” Richt spoke again about the decision not to be as physical in preseason practice.

“I definitely take the blame for the start, because I didn’t get us ready,” he said. “But we played pretty damn good after that.”

A second later, Richt corrected himself.

“Excuse me, pretty darn good,” he said.

OK, that’s not exactly a Sam Kinison routine. But for the Ned Flanders-like Richt, that might as well have been an f-bomb.

I guess it’s been that kind of season.

A few other quick notes from the presser, which was available over teleconference:

- Richt once again emphasized that the emphasis is on winning the bowl game, and not looking down the road. He said he stood firm when several assistants, after seeing the practice schedule, asked for more days to be on the road recruiting.

“The best recruiting we can do is winning the bowl game,” Richt said. “We’ve gotta recruit, but we’ve gotta make sure –“

At that point Central Florida head coach George O’Leary interrupted:

“You guys go recruit,” O’Leary said, to laughter.

- Richt was also asked about his team’s defense, which finished the season ranked fourth in the SEC in yards allowed, but seventh in points allowed.

“We’ve still got a ways to go,” Richt said. “I think we got better. I think our coaches learned a little bit more about our personnel and who goes where … But we’re still not playing championship-level defense right now. But I think with the experience these guys have gained, and some of the recuiritng we’re doing right now, and some of the training these guys are doing now … I do believe we’re going to get better.”

- The subject of A.J. Green's upcoming NFL decision also came up. Richt said his star receiver has "a lot of things to think about."

“He definitely wants to play in the NFL one day, but he also knows there’s some collective bargaining agreement issues going on and there’s some uncertainty," Richt said. "I know he doesn’t feel like he’s accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish coming into Georgia. Will that be enough to keep him in town? I don’t know.”


Anonymous said...

I am sorry we didn't beat a team with a winning record all year. We had our chances at the beginning and end of the year. I guess I missed the pretty darn good ball.

We sucked all year. Richt needs to own it and fix it. No need to create an alternative reality.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we (UGA) dont have a Damn good Game Day coach.

junkdog said...

It is amazing to me how short sighted many on this blog tend to be,,,,CMR has won more games in less time than Dooley, has achieved more than many in the college arena, and so many want his head on a spear!! Give me, and the others that love UGA, a break. Dooley had quite a few bad years, and he is "The Legend"!! I bet he thanks the lord for Irk and Herschel. To be a dawg, is to be a dawg through the good, and the bad years. I would, like many, like to see a little more fire from CMR, and I believe he is listening to the alumni. Changes have started, and I am sure will continue. Get beside the dawgs, not against them. JMHO

Anonymous said...

“I definitely take the blame for the start, because I didn’t get us ready,” he said.

Where the heck has the urgency been?! 2009 wasn't a great season by any means. We were promised a comprehensive look and changes in the program. Richt promised to turn the program around. Now Richt says he didn't have us ready to start the season. Is this what we get for $3M a year? How long as fans and alumni are we going to put up with this? I'm sorry but I see a trend of coaching failures and not having the team prepared to play.

I like Richt as a person but if this is the kind of coaching we should expect then he needs to be replaced because just about any coach can get 6 wins with the talent that is at UGA.

BCSAV said...

I want CMR to be the coach at Georgia for 20 more years. But if any part of his brain thinks we played good football at any point this year then he is an idiot. We did not beat one quality team all year, and thats not even debatable.

I remember a boat load of people after last year's Ind. Bowl stating that anything worse that 8-4 should cost CMR his job. Well I think its pretty safe to say that anything worse than that next year and McGarity's job will be made very easy.

Brad said...

The Les Miles-ization of Richt has begun, "I've got a damn fine football team".
Can't wait to see the fake field goals and 4th down reverse plays!

Anonymous said...

I guess all the Richt-haters decided to hide out in the comments sections of this blog. Because if they came to some of the other Georgia blogs, they know they'd get their asses handed to them.

Or maybe they're just Tech trolls. Either way, no real knowledge of the game. Just a pathetic "Woe is me" attitude.