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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Key is Consistency for Murray

If you're looking for some Sunday reading material, I have a story in today's Telegraph on what Mark Richt hopes to see from Aaron Murray this season.

The lead to the story is one I thought was pretty interesting because, while fans would certainly love to hear some David Greene-Aaron Murray comparisons, I bet the play and the comparison in question isn't what most of those fans were expecting.

In addition to that, however, Richt actually thinks there's every reason to believe Murray might be a bit ahead of where Greene was at this point in his career -- and says it's simply on the coaching staff now to make sure Murray develops:

"David Greene had one spring when we got here, and then he started," Richt said. "Aaron's had a spring, a season, another spring, and now he's got his opportunity to play. So he's really got a whole other year ahead of David. So now it's got to be our job to start where he's comfortable and grow. We don't want to start too high and then he struggles and gets set back. You never want a QB to get set back. You always want him to feel comfortable and confident and maybe even bored with the material to where he's ready for the next level of information."

But since this is a blog and all... I'm also curious: What are your expectations for Murray?


BulldogBrock said...

Based on his YouTube videos, Aaron Murray looks like he has all the tools that Coaches Richt and Bobo love. He can stand tall in the pocket and make all the slants, posts and fade passes but he can also throw darts on the run.

It may be unreasonable to expect a David Greene-esque performance out of Aaron his first year. However, in his first year Greene went 8-4 so hopefully Murray will at least reach that mark!

I think/hope the 10 returning starters around him will be enough to overcome any major growing pains. He's super-talented, smart and has a quick release so I am very excited that he's our guy.

Anonymous said...

He's going to get the gitters this season more than likely. It was evident at the G day game. Once he settles down and gets confidence in himself and from his teammates...good things should happen. He just needs to focus on the field and not the atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

8 wins during the regular season is my expectation. I would be thrilled with 10 wins and a nyd bowl.

AwesomeDawg said...

For a RS frosh, I simply want to see more TD's than INT's. If Murray is able to settle into the starting role and accomplish this, than the Dawgs should be looking at a solid season. Asking any RS frosh to do more is pie in the sky.

AppleDawg said...

Like most freshman QB's in the SEC (RS or not), consistency is always the most important thing for them to continue as they struggle

AM will throw INT's, he WILL struggle, and he will need to be bailed out a few times by the defense

We seem to think that we can get by without AM but that just isn't the case.