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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Links (5/31)

Happy Memorial Day, folks. I hope most of you are wrapping up a relaxing weekend with one last day at the beach or a few burgers and brews in the backyard. I'm getting ready to head to Destin, Fla. where I'll be covering the SEC league meetings this week. If you're not already following me on Twitter -- why the heck not? I'll be posting updates from Destin throughout the week there and on the blog. I'll also have Part 2 of our mailbag and a whole bunch of other content this week, so if you'd been slacking on reading as much as I'd been slacking on writing, here's your chance to get back on board.

In the meantime, a quick warm-up act...

-- Georgia's Chelsey Gullickson reached the NCAA tennis singles final this weekend and erased a handful of bad memories along the way.

-- Golfer Russell Henley will be representing Georgia at the NCAA championships in Tennessee this week.

-- The Senator breaks down Phil Steele's breakdown of Georgia with a few interesting tidbits. For all the Mike Bobo bashers -- aside from the higher INTs and lower rushing yards, Joe Cox's numbers were virtually identical to D.J. Shockley's in 2005. Interesting.

-- Tim Tucker took notice when Steele told ESPN that he thought Georgia "could run the table" in 2010. Here's my prediction: We're going to go from the Mark Richt hot-seat talk angering fans, to a hefty contingent now trying to temper expectations as more and more folks (justifiably) see a lot of upside on this year's team.

-- Chris Low takes a quick look at how recruiting is going around the SEC and finds Georgia with the third-most total commitments and the second-most from ESPN's 150 watch list. (And aside from UGA, Mississippi State's Dan Mullen deserves some credit for getting the start of a solid class.)

-- In the Sporting News' top 100 recruits for 2011, Christian LeMay gets a pretty impressive position.

-- Good note from Marc Weiszer for all those fans who cringed each time Jeff Owens tweeted about heading to Waffle House for dinner -- Georgia has hired a full-time nutritionist for this season.

-- Macon Dawg offers a whole bunch of speculation on the 2010 season which is a fun read even if it is all just speculation.

-- It doesn't cover a lot of new ground if you've been following Rennie Curran's story since he arrived at Georgia, but Scout has a great feature on the life of the newest Tennessee Titan.

-- ESPN's ombudsman doesn't ever seem able to make any significant changes at the network, but he certainly manages to illustrate the problems well. In his most recent piece, he tackles the use of anonymous sources in stories, a particularly delicate subject in the journalism community for obvious reasons.

-- There are only six sentences in this story, and yet there are like 20 funny things about it. I'm not sure if my favorite part is that the law firm is in Delaware or if it's the final sentence of the story: "Attempts to contact Lovitz were unsuccessful."

-- You know, it takes a lot to out D-bag those local TV news guys who try to ambush people for stories, but this video makes the TV guy look like a saint comparatively.

-- Here's a shocking twist from "Lost": Did you know Sayid was dating Barbara Hershey in real life? WTF?!?

-- Here's a nice piece from Movieline for all of you guys who were dragged to see "Sex and the City 2" this weekend -- it's the most scathing lines from the many, many, many scathing reviews of the film.

-- And finally, I want to take a second to say thanks to all of our readers who have served or are serving in the military on this Memorial Day.

For everyone else, I've linked to this story before, but it's been a while, so I'm doing it again. Please do yourselves a favor and take some time out of your day today to read it if you can. If you didn't already, you'll have a far, far greater appreciation for the immense sacrifice our men and women in uniform make to protect our freedom.


NCT said...

Yeah, that's the [season] ticket.

Sorry. Way too obvious.

Anonymous said...

Geez. You mean we didn't already have someone regularly talking to the players about their nutrition? I would expect that to be a need in all our sports programs- except maybe baseball. Don't we know a thing or two about animal husbandry at UGA?

HVL Dawg

drunk dawg said...

Wait... Did you really write "Aside from the higher INTs and lower rushing yards" and manage to press the publish button without thinking about that sentence?

Interesting fact: Aside from giving up more points and getting fewer turnovers, Willie Martinez' defenses were just like Brian Van Gorders!

Jperez said...

Sad to see no mention of the Hold Steady concert from last weekend. THought it was a kick ass show.

NRBQ said...

So how'd we miss out on recruit #14?

A RB named Herschel?

Anonymous said...

I like the team nutritionist idea, that'll help. But what would help even more is a team Sports Psychologist to beat UF and get over the 'mental' hump.