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Friday, May 27, 2011

Seiler continues to defend Uga lineage

A lot of you have asked recently about the next Uga. Here's an update, and a bit more: Sonny Seiler reveals why it won't be Russ but could be his offspring, clears up the "inbreeding" misconceptions, addresses the Isaiah Crowell puppy story, and more in a story just posted:

ATHENS - Sonny Seiler has heard the comments and questions: Is there something wrong with the Uga line? Why not take the interim title off Russ? What about using that Isaiah Crowell puppy?

Seiler, whose family has been breeding the Georgia mascot for more than half a century, sought to answer a few of those queries and clear up some things.

But in an interview Friday, while driving back to Savannah after a UGA athletic board meeting, Seiler also spoke of how rough it has been to have two straight Uga mascot pass away suddenly. He also pointed out that the litter mates of Ugas VII and VIII are all healthy, so their deaths were not the result of breeding.


“Cancer is cancer. It hits people. It hits animals. In neither case was it hereditary,” said Seiler, who lives in Savannah and is a board member emeritus at UGA. “That puts down those soothsayers out there who say we need a new process of breeding.”

You can read the full story here.


Robert K. Burnham said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert K. Burnham said...

His comments reek of arrogance . "I'm not going there" " We've got 56, 57 years invested in this " Okay Sonny that's great , and we appreciate your service to the university over the years , but you're not doing us any favors , and your breeding ethics have been brought into question before this . Seth, how much does UGA pay him for this ?

Barstool69 said...

The Seilers are not remunerated for their decades of service to the University.

Could you be specific in your ethical accusations of Mr. Seiler?

Anonymous said...

At the beginning, I thought it reeked of arrogance as well. However, the more I thought about it the more I am inclined to believe that this attitude, it may not be arrogance, is exactly what I want in the caretaker of UGA's lineage.

This type of attitude, which may seem to be arrogance, is more likely confidence in the UGA line. I am sure that I would be just as confident were I to be questioned at every turn without a shred of evidence. No one has any proof of ineptitude nor carelessness towards the UGA lineage. It is speculation and hearsay. I hope that people can realize that while an animal as beloved as UGA to all the Georgia faithful can cause emotions to usurp rational thought without any evidence of the contrary we all should allow the Seiler's to do what they have done for 56, 57 years.

So yeah if someone wants to call it arrogance, then fine. But I want to call it confidence and just little bit of frustration over speculative and unfounded statements. It is great to be emotional toward UGA but when that emotion over runs rational thought then this hoopla is what we get.