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Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Links (1/19)

This is probably going to be a fairly slow week on the blog. I'll try to have at least one post each day, but no promises. In the coming weeks, we'll obviously discuss basketball more -- although that's not turning out to be the best of topics -- and recruiting, but if any of you have some suggestions on things you'd like to see between now and spring practice, let me know.

Some links for today while I try to avoid "SportsCenter," ESPN or anything that might possibly involve NFL football...

-- Things have gone from bad to worse for Dennis Felton. Sic 'Em Dawgs says it's not a matter of if the coach should be fired, but when.

-- Georgia Sports Blog makes the case for at least waiting until the end of the season to fire Felton.

-- The AJC's Mark Bradley makes a pretty good case that it might be time for Felton to go.

-- I have a couple of thoughts on this:

1.) As embarrassing as the scoring and turnovers were Sunday, the worst part was that when Jodie Meeks scored his first 3 of the game, it was louder in Stegeman than it has been all season for anything Georgia has done. The fact that there is really nothing for the fans to get excited about is as big a blemish on Felton's regime as anything. If the team was at least aggressive, high scoring, fun to watch... at least that's something. As it is, watching these games should be something we consider using in place of water boarding, although I'm not certain it's as humane.

2.) The SEC tournament last year was a high point in Georgia sports. It was a miracle run, it was lots of fun to watch, and it was something to be proud of. But it wasn't reality. Senator Blutarski over at Get the Picture regularly rails against a football playoff because it is no more a true determination of the best team as is the current system. A playoff, as the Arizona Cardinals have shown, rewards the hottest team, not the best one. That's all the SEC tournament was -- a four-game enigma, a blip of statistical fluctuation that is hardly uncommon amid a small sample size. Do the Dawgs deserve credit for the accomplishment? Absolutely. But it shouldn't cloud the view of the bigger picture.

-- The Banner-Herald's David Ching tries to make sense of the situation, too.

-- This UK site points out that all of last season, Kentucky beat just one SEC team by double digits. At one point against Georgia, the Cats led by 28.

-- Kentucky ought to crack the top 25 this week, and this AP story argues that the SEC might not be as bad as everyone thinks.

-- I can't really talk about the catastrophe that was the NFC title game, but this article remembers the Cardinals' last great team, led by former Bulldog Charley Trippi.

-- Total UGA talks with O line recruit Kwame Geathers (subscription required).

-- There's a good reason why people hate Tim Tebow, and it's stuff like this that tops the list. Of course, at least after he is a total bust in the NFL, he has a WWE career ahead of him. (h/t Erik K.)

-- The Chicago Tribune says the Lions are still undecided on what to do with their first pick, but Matthew Stafford remains an option.

-- The Red & Black looks at the non-monetary factors for why Asher, Matthew and Knowshon headed to the NFL early.

-- Kit Kitchens makes some good points in this post -- namely that having your players highly regarded by the NFL is a good thing in recruiting, and unlike Pete Carroll, Mark Richt handled the whole situation with a lot of class.

-- Georgia's women's tennis team had a nice weekend.

-- Finally, The Columbia Journalism Review has a really interesting look at the changing landscape of sports writing, for any of you who are intersted.

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