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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bobo: Bigger Runs in Samuel's Future

In his first career start, Richard Samuel racked up 87 yards on 20 carries and was, without question, the most productive member of Georgia's offense.

And yet, to read the comments from fans following the game, Samuel was a major disappointment.

So you might think Samuel would be upset about not getting a fair shake from the fans, right?

Well, here's how he described his first game: “It just wasn’t on a winning level.”

The problem is, it wasn't so much about what Samuel did accomplish, it was the opportunities he missed -- and Samuel agrees.

On the upside, Samuel did move the football, and only two of his 20 carries went for zero or negative yards. On the downside, everyone seems to agree that he could have done more.

“You always wish he could have broken a few more tackles when you get to the safety or something like that and you let one guy bring you down," offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. "I thought he ran hard and got us some positive yards. We’re going to run the ball and try to be committed to the run, so he’s got to be able to break some of those four- and five-yard gains into bigger plays of 20 or 25 yards."

Once again, Samuel's not going to disagree. When I asked him what he needed to work on this week, he was pretty upfront with where he thought he came up short against Oklahoma State.

“I feel like I need to execute the blocks a little better and not get brought down by those little shoelace tackles or one man,” he said.

Bobo said it was important not to be too quick to judge Samuel though, noting that in Knowshon Moreno's first action -- the 2007 game against Oklahoma State -- he had just 70 yards on 20 carries, none longer than nine yards.

"I remember Knowshon’s first game – and I’m not comparing him to Knowshon – but that first game he really played, one guy brought him down several times in the open field," Bobo said. "(Samuel) has got to get a feel for it. He did play last year, but he wasn’t the main guy and I’m sure there were some nerves there. I thought he ran hard, and I think he’s going to do nothing but get better running the football.”

But the question remains: Just how does he get better at breaking tackles?

Bobo said he thinks that will simply come with time.

“I think it’ll come when he becomes more comfortable and just cuts loose and lets his ability take over and just plays football, not worrying about every little thing you do," Bobo said. "You’ve got to make those things habit, and that comes with practice. You know your assignment, where you’re going and who you’re reading and keying, and then you just play your God-given ability.”


Fitzdawg said...

Your Freshmen expect action piece is blank (In my Firefox browser anyway.)

Really appreciate your work btw. You do a great job.

Anonymous said...

Hale - you have really stepped it up. Your aggresive attempt to get answers for the fans is something a Ga beat writer has never done. I love it. Not letting the coaches off easy!!! Keep it up until something changes.

To answer your question about Richard getting better at breaking tackles (which Bobo answered completely incorrectly) is: DRILLS, DRILLS, DRILLS.

Balance drills, ball protection drills, utilizing his off hand drills, etc. Just typical running back drills that most RB coaches put kids through daily....oh wait, we have a 2nd rate WR as our RB coach...uh-oh.