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Friday, September 18, 2009

From the Mailbag: Rennie Talks to the Tweeters

I asked my Twitter followers the other day for some questions to pose to Georgia linebacker Rennie Curran, and I got a few good ones. So, as we get set for the Bulldogs' showdown with Arkansas, Rennie provides some answers...

First, I had a question for Rennie, too. Since he's a huge Falcons fan, I wanted to know if he might be looking to give Bobby Petrino a little payback for abandoning his favorite team?

Rennie says: I didn't really pay too much attention to that because I was just looking forward to the next game, but that is messed up what he did to the Falcons. I was kind of confused myself when that whole deal went down. But he's with Arkansas now, and that's our next opponent, so that's what I'm focused on. I know that's definitely something people are looking at, and it's something that will definitely be a factor in this game for the fans.

@genxdawg asks: Tackling looked slack, esp in 2nd half...are the DAWGS working hard to correct that and retain fundamentals?

Rennie says: We went back and looked at the film and saw the missed tackles and guys who kind of flinched at certain times in the game. I feel like we really picked up on that in practice and just tried to improve, and that's really all we can do. We have to continue to learn from our mistakes and mature as a team, and hopefully that will translate into the game because that's crucial. In a game like we had against South Carolina, one or two plays made the difference. We've just got to continue to stress the importance of that, and I'm sure the guys have learned from that and are ready to improve and have an even better game.

@dawgsonline asks: was his play on the final pass based on a particular read or was it more instinct?

Rennie says: The first thought I had was, we cannot lose. I looked up at the scoreboard and there was 22 seconds. I was like, if we can't stop them here, the offense isn't going to be able to get on the field and make a miracle happen. I was like, we've got to make it happen now.

When the play started, they lined up in a single formation that I looked at on film and had seen in practice, so I knew pretty much what was getting ready to come. I knew what my assignment was to work to that No. 3 receiver. So when the play snapped, for sure the No. 3 receiver was there and I was reading the quarterback at the same time as the No. 3 receiver was coming up behind me. At the same time, Garcia was looking like he was ready to cross the line of scrimmage and run it in to score, so I didn't know what exactly to do.

With it being so close, five yards to to, you've got to make a quick decision. So as soon as I made a step up to make sure he wasn't running, he threw the ball and it was right in my range to where I could swat it down. As soon as I swatted it down, it was like the whole thing was in slow motion. I had to make sure he didn't catch it, it didn't deflect and have something like what happened in the Denver game where he somehow ended up catching it.

As soon as the ball hit the ground and the fans went crazy, I was relieved. That was about all the energy I had left. As soon as I came down and swatted the ball down, both of my calves cramped up and I just laid there saying, 'Thank you, God.'

And finally, @BernieDawg asks: is there ANYthing that scares him?

Rennie says: I'm scared of spiders. I don't even like walking through spider webs. That freaks me out.

Thankfully, Rennie won't have to play Richmond during his career. Apparently they would be his one kryptonite.

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jferg said...

what a great guy that rennie curran is! if you ever get a chance...can you ask him who he is mentoring---who he is molding into Rennie part deux to replace him when he leaves?

bureau said...

i heart rennie

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...

That narrative on the game saving play is incredible! Gotta give props to CWM too. Sounds like they had coached em up on that play.