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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Jarvis Jones update

Here's a link to the latest on the Jarvis Jones situation. The Ledger-Enquirer has a story detailing how the police records seem to show more of a money connection between Jones and the Georgia Blazers AAU team.

The coach of that team, Tony Adams, has been described by people close to Jones as a father figure. In addition to the payments reported in the original report, the Ledger-Enquirer found two more, totaling $700.

As the story says: "A crux of the investigation involving Jones is the nature of his pre-existing relationship with Adams." So I'm not sure this story, while it definitely adds important details, changes the facts on the ground very much.

Based on what is publicly known ... and allow me to emphasize that again ... BASED ON WHAT IS PUBLICLY KNOWN, I think we're left with this right now:

- Will UGA's internal investigation, set to wrap up within days, determine that Jones and Adams had a long-standing pre-existing relationship? And would the NCAA agree?

- If so, the question then becomes whether the fund from which the payments came are a problem, at least from the NCAA's point of view. Will it be determined that Adams controlled the fund, which would then help Jones' side argue that this was merely a father figure passing along some money? Or will the fund be found to be something different?

We simply don't know for certainty the answer to either of these questions. So drawing any conclusions at this point, and opining on whether or not Jones will face a suspension, is not something I'm ready to do.


CoachSpurlock said...

Tony Adams involved with Jarvis when Jarvis was playing middle school football at Baker Middle School. I remember talking to Tony after the game when the school I coached at the time played them. Jarvis rode with Tony after the game then. One of my friends coached Jarvis at Baker. When I asked him about Jarvis' relationship with Tony Adams, he said that Tony played a major role in helping Jarvis move back to Columbus after he originally moved away due to a custody battle. Based on what I know, this is definitely a "pre-existing" relationship. Plus, I highly doubt that Jarvis had any clue that the money came from an illegal source. If the NCAA declares Jarvis ineligible, what little bit of credibility they had with me will be wiped out (unless of course we find out that Jarvis was indeed the 19 year old mastermind behind ripping off the city of Columbus, in which case we can change his name to Dr. Evil).

castleberry said...

Thanks Seth,
I'm curious why money from a basketball coach would impact his football eligibility. Even if there wasn't a personal relationship how is this different from all the minor leqgue baseball players that corne back to play college football?

AwesomeDawg said...

Sigh. Thanks for coming Jarvis! I bet you would have been great.

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