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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey, how about a mailbag?

So, it's SEC media days week, which in some quarters marks the unofficial beginning of the football season. And by "some quarters," I mean the people who don't already consider SEC football to be a 365-days-a-year situation.

In any case, it's as good a time as any to throw open the mailbag satchel and solicit your questions. Or perhaps you have thoughts, concerns, or threats. Please, no threats. Anything else is fair game.

Some things you could ask about:

- Follow-up from Georgia's "Dawg Night" haul, the move back to tailback for Richard Samuel, Caleb King's departure, or any other recent news on the beat.

- What to expect this week at media days.

- When the earth cools at the tips, what adverse conditions does this create for non-polar shoals and other outlying areas?

- Who will J-Lo marry next?

- If you could be any kind of tree, would that tree have any thoughts on how many games Mark Richt needs to win this year?

OK folks, fire away. And as always you can post in the comment section below, send me an e-mail ( or tweet at me. I'll post a mailbag sometime Tuesday, assuming we get enough questions. Or thoughts. Or concerns. And hopefully no threats.


Julian said...

Before UGA moved RS back to RB. What preseason grade would you give that group? And what grade would you give them now? Any change in the grades?

2)Have you heard any positives with IC so far at camp?

Chris said...

Is there anyone, anyone at all, in the UGA backfield who can pass block? I know that's always a source of concern for Freshman backs, and it seems like we're just a tad thin at tailback now. Is Aaron Murray going to spend the first two weeks of the season on his backside?

newdonkey said...


It would be helpful to get a clearer take on the scenarios involving Jarvis Jones. Specifically:

Is there any realistic chance the benefits he apparently received will meet the "pre-existing relationship" loophole that makes it all go away?

And is there any realistic chance the NCAA will say anything until after the Boise and USC games?

If the answer to those questions is
"no" or "probably not," then the next question is whether the coaching staff is looking at early action at OLB by Ray Drew.

Pl0we said...

Maybe we just let Orson Charles line up at running.

Pl0we said...

*running back

castleberry said...

Spurrier took a couple if jabs at grantham about that inside draw play after last year's game. Ask how many times he plans to run it this year. Also, please ask him how many more last chances Garcia has.