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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Links (12/17)

Four more days of practice before the Bulldogs hit the road for Christmas break. I'll have a report from Georgia's pre-Bowl media day later this afternoon. In the meantime, here are a few links for your reading pleasure...

-- You may remember my "Catching Up With..." post with Matt Stinchcomb a while back. Well, Matt's brother, Jon, was named the New Orleans Saints' Man of the Year.

-- Didn't post any links yesterday, but I had a story in Tuesday's Telegraph on Georgia's senior wide receiver Kenneth Harris, who has managed a pertty productive, if never particularly star-worthy, career.

-- ESPN's Chris Low takes a look back at Georgia's season and hands out a few awards.

-- Nothing like anonymous sources in journalism. Pro Football Weekly uses one to completely bash Mark Richt and the Georgia program in the final graph from this post.

-- T. Kyle King states the case for Tommy Tuberville to come aboard as Georgia's defensive coordinator. It's a nice thought, but I just can't see Tubs doing it unless he really, really wants to stick it to Auburn -- which I suppose is a possibility.

-- Here's a few more thoughts on Georgia's defensive struggles, courtesy of Get the Picture and Tim Tucker.

-- Good news for Georgia fans, bad news for Tony Ball. The Georgia running backs coach is not one of the finalists for the Chattanooga job.

-- MLive has video highlights of Mike Dantonio and Michigan State's assistance talking about Georgia and says Javon Ringer and company are embracing their role as the heavy underdog in the Capital One Bowl.

-- Bleacher Report makes its predictions on who will head to the NFL draft after the season ends and calls Georgia the year's biggest flop.

-- Tony Barnhart takes a closer look at the racial implications of the Auburn hire.

-- Georgia Tech is adding some run-n-shoot to its offense? Yikes! (As a side note, I used to work with the man who made the Run N Shoot famous, former Falcons assistant Mouse Davis. Among his many hilarious eccentricities was, whenever he would leave a message for someone on a voice mail, he would always tell them to "give me a dingle when you get this." Ah, crazy old men. Good times.)

-- 960 the Ref catches up with UGA assistant coach Pete Herrmann in advance of the Dawgs' game against Wofford this weekend.

-- Hoops tickets are being discounted over the holidays for those looking for some economically sound entertainment.

-- ESPN's ombudsman discusses the interesting conflict of interest that the network will face when it takes over coverage of the BCS in a couple years.

-- Remember on Monday when I joked about Bush's shoe dodge being very Matrix-esque. Well, God bless the Internet.

-- Another nail in the coffin of newspapers: Detroit's two biggest papers will halt daily delivery.

-- If you ever find yourself at a loss to describe the meaning of the word "irony" to a someone, this story of a man who named his son Adolf Hitler asking for "a little tolerance" should do the trick.

-- And finally, I linked Monday to AFI's list of the year's best movies, so allow me to follow that today with a list of 2008's worst feature films.


Jason Ferguson said...

Hey David,
I'm from Warner Robins (Demons, not 'Birds)...graduated from UGA...and now live in Raleigh, NC.
Found your blog a few weeks ago and love it. 'Preciate your work.

I have a quick question for you. Can you ask Damon Evans or Coach Richt if they are going to (a) Hire a Special Teams only coach and (b) How, specifically, they are going to address the summer arrests and on-field penalties--aka discipline.


Carter said...

Because a team is only allowed a set number of coaches and Richt seems reluctant to make changes, I believe I have a possible solution to our special teams problems:

Let Richt concentrate on special teams.

He probably has to devote an ever-decreasing amount of time to the offensive game plan as Bobo develops.

Meyer and Beamer are good examples of what a head coach who spends a lot of time on special teams can accomplish.

Also, we need to make special teams a place where our offensive and defensive starters want to be. We have too many walk-ons playing.

David Hale said...

Jason -- Carter's right on in that Richt is unlikely to hire a FT special teams coach due to the regulations on staff sizes. Coach Fabris does spend a lot of time on special teams, however, and is fairly well regarded in that role (although his love affair with directional kicking boggles the mind). Former Georgia kicker Kevin Butler has worked a good bit with Blair Walsh this year, too, although he is not affiliated with the school (his son, Drew, is on the team).

The biggest problem for the special teams this season, however, has really been all the injuries. Even when someone who is not an ST regular gets injured, they tend to be replaced by someone who was an ST stalwart. Shaun Chapas was one of Fabris' top ST guys last year, but his new role on offense this season has really diminished what he does on ST. Same with Darryl Gamble. Then other players like Darius Dewberry and Quintin Banks, who were major ST contributors, have missed much of the year with injuries.