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Friday, June 26, 2009

From the Mailbag: Blocking Backs

Before doing interviews with the team on Wednesday, I asked via Twitter if anyone had any questions for Joe Cox or Caleb King, whom I'd requested to talk to that day. I only got one question, and it was for King, who as it turned out, wasn't available to talk anyway. But, I don't give up quite that easily, so I tried to at least find something resembling a response.

Anyway, the question comes from @CrossfitDawg13, who writes: I'd love to hear how much Caleb thinks his pass blocking has improved over last year.

King wasn't around, but I did get to talk to Richard Samuel. He wasn't exactly excited about expanding on the virtues and weaknesses of his competition for the starting tailback job, but he was happy to tell me just how important blocking (and the other away-from-the-ball fundamentals) was going to be in deciding just who earned the job of primary ball-carrier in 2009.

"That's basically what Coach (Bryan McClendon) is looking for is someone who will still get the job done without the ball," Samuel said. "You need to run your routes, make the blocks, make the right reads – having those components is something essential that the coach is looking for to be the running back that gets the most touches."

1 comment:

Lee Munger said...

Wait when did you ask for questions?

Was it on your twitter, cause i forget to check that regularly, sorry.

Good info from Samuel even though he didn't specifically comment on King, it tells us a lot.

Since you only had one question asked, maybe you could track down Joe and Caleb again to ask them these questions for me.

Joe: Knowing the Offense as well as you do (and aspiring to be a coach one day), what would be your offensive strategy, or what would be your focus offensively for this season?

Caleb: What do you think you have improved on most this year, and what did you do to work on that area?

(as always you can edit or rephrase these questions as you see fit, if you even get to)