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Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Links (6/1)

Happy Monday, everyone. I've got a Pat's cheesesteak and a flight to Atlanta on tap in a few hours, so I've got to be a bit brief with the links today...

-- Ever wonder what Mark Richt and Mark Fox talk about on their road trips around Georgia? I have a story from Sunday's Telegraph on the friendship the two have forged while traveling to Bulldog Club meetings and other events since Fox was hired two months ago.

-- Have I mentioned yet how much I like Rex Robinson's blog? Over the weekend he had a great post on Georgia's kicking game which sheds a remarkable amount of light on the kickoff problems.

-- With all the talk of playing games in the Georgia Dome, Dawgs Online takes a moment to pay tribute to the greatness of Sanford Stadium.

-- Mark Bradley sees four losses in the Bulldogs' future in 2009. I'd say that's probably the common perception for this year's team, but anyone who says they know what to expect from Georgia this year is lying. This has to be the hardest team to pin down in years.

-- Chris Low wraps up his countdown of the top 30 players in the SEC. I'll give you one guess who turned out to be No. 1.

-- Battle Hymn Notes can get behind the zaniness of Lane Kiffin, but says that what we learned at the SEC meetings is that Coach Meyers is still the easiest man to hate in the SEC.

-- It looks like New Orleans will be Georgia's first opponent on the hardwood next season.

-- After torching Ohio State on Friday, the Buckeyes returned the favor by eliminating Georgia from regionals on Sunday.

-- David Ching takes a look at what the Diamond Dogs could return in 2010 in his blog.

-- The softball team made it to within a game of the College World Series finals, but Washington sent the Bulldogs home and will face Florida for the title.

-- Bernie has a great "Seinfeld" clip to kick off the week on his blog. No, John Voigt the periodontist!

--'s Tim Marchman crunches the numbers and comes up with some interesting thoughts about the value of making a trade for MLB teams.

-- The Onion reports that ABC has greenlighted the "Lost" spinoff we've all been waiting for.

-- Moviefone counts down the top 40 best movie soundtracks of all time. As a product of the grunge era, I'll always be partial to the "Singles" soundtrack.

-- New York Magazine has a really facinating story on all the stuff that has ended up at the bottom of New York harbor.

-- If you have an iPhone, I highly recommend getting this ap that allows you to find out what you'd look like with a beard.

-- I used to know a guy whose girlfriend worked as a receptionist in an office with no other employees in Delaware. That might sound strange, but read this story in the New York Times, and it will make complete sense -- and might make you hate Delaware just a bit more than you already do.

-- And finally, the last surviving Titanic passenger has died, and I just don't have the energy for a lame Leo DiCapprio joke. Sorry.


Dawg93 said...

DH - right there with ya re: "Singles" soundtrack. I'd rank it #1.

jferg said...

Rex's article/blog on the kicking game is spot on. his golf analogy is perfect...

Anonymous said...

On Bradley...

Tech has a shot at the ACC title, I'll agree with that; but won't they need defense, too? If I were picking a favorite, I'd pick Va Tech because, you know, they win it every year.

Tech's on the road to Miami for a Thursday night game: mark it down as a loss. Thursday Night Football: where championship dreams go on the road to die.

I can easily see four losses for the Dawgs, but I'm not conceding the Okie State game. It's more likely we'll lose to Arkansas than OK State.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to the link to Rex Robinson's blog. Very insightful and it would be great to see if the team's stats improved if the coaches adhere to his advice of letting the kickers kick it deep.

Agree with the story on U. Meyer - he's an easy and deserved target. I have one curiosity re: the timeouts last year that I haven't seen mentioned. Clearly within the rules, but it seems to me that he unnecessarily extended the game and therefore increased the risk of injury to both UGA and UF players. Slive should have an issue with that, and every UF recruit should realize that they're nothing but cannon fodder in Meyer's smallminded world of vendetta.