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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Palm Reading Tells Berry's Future

ESPN's Chris Low blogs today about Eric Berry's recruitment by Georgia and comes to the conclusion that Georgia screwed up.

The evidence comes from a story on, and I guess when you read the quote that Low uses, it does look pretty bad for the Dawgs.

Two issues though:

1.) As Low points out, Berry's father played at Tennessee, so Georgia was certainly no sure thing to land the Fairburn native...

and 2.) While it seems to have upset Berry, this quote made me laugh out loud:

"I remember when I went on my recruiting visit, coach (Mark) Richt had my name and stats written on his hand. I guess he thought I didn't see it or something, but I did."

Every Thursday during the season, Richt holds an informal meeting with reporters. Before one of those meetings last year, Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas had paid Richt a visit. Richt then came upstairs to talk to reporters, sitting in a chair right next to me. As he discussed his excitement over meeting Thomas, I looked down at his hand. Printed on it in smudged blue ink was this:

Clarence Thomas
Supreme Court


Savannah_Dawg said...


MikeInValdosta said...

lol, kinda places a new value on that ink.

Boiled said...

Savannah Dawg doesnt know his arse from a BudLight bottle top. Love, Boiled Peanut

Boiled said...

Savannah Dawg doesn't know his arse from a Bud Light bottle top. Love, Boiled Peanut

RC said...

The original Palm Pilot. I see nothing wrong with that.