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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

UGA Announces Radio Details

From UGA release...

A new Georgia football season is also bringing a revamped lineup of personalities to the broadcast booth and to the official Bulldog website, "" according to an announcement Wednesday by the University of Georgia Athletics Association and rights-holder ISP (International Sports Properties).

The new season will also provide an additional hour of pre-game programming prior to kickoff which will now total four hours. A two-hour post-game call-in show will also continue.

As previously announced, longtime Bulldog radio personality Scott Howard will provide the gameday play-by-play with former Georgia All-America quarterback Eric Zeier adding color analysis. The pair has done road games the last two seasons and handled home games after the early season retirement of Larry Munson last year.

Longtime "Tailgate Show" co-hosts Loran Smith, who also provides in-game sideline reporting, and Neil "Hondo" Williamson will continue in those roles along with Howard and Zeier. New to the broadcast will be several familiar faces and voices: WSB TV sports director Chuck Dowdle will conduct the post-game locker room interviews; long-time versatile Georgia radio personality Jeff Dantzler will co-host the new first hour of the pre-game show and also the post-game call-in show; former Georgia quarterback David Greene will co-host with Dantzler the first hour of the pre-game show and post-game call-in for road games; and former Bulldog All-America placekicker Kevin Butler will fill the same role for home games.

"We are pleased to have such an outstanding group broadcasting Georgia football," said UGA Director of Athletics Damon Evans. "It's a group that can uniquely provide the coverage and analysis to the Bulldog Nation and we look forward to them being a big part of Georgia football Saturdays."

In related programming, Dantzler and Butler will also host the Sunday morning Bulldog Brunch radio show. Howard will continue hosting the Monday night Bulldog Hotline show with Georgia head coach Mark Richt. Dowdle will continue as host of the Sunday "Inside Georgia Football" television program with Richt.

Howard, Zeier, Dowdle, Williamson, Dantzler, and Butler will also serve as contributors to ""

1 comment:

papadawg said...

So there's no David Johnston on the post-game show? I thought he did a good job with it. Any reason for the change? I realize that JD is like a walking UGA Sports Almanac, but I liked Dave on the show (especially after a loss....he had a calming effect for the drive home)