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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Links (8/6)

Another quick batch of links, as I have some early interviews planned. Ideally, that means more good reading for you tomorrow though...

-- I have a story on just how serendipitous Georgia's decision to move Bryan Evans to safety turned out to be. Plus, it gave me an excuse to use the word "serendipitous" in a post.

-- The Orlando Sentinel profiles Jeff Owens as part of the paper's "One to Watch" in the SEC series.

-- I'm actually surprised no one asked me this yet, but Bill King has a list of all the jersey numbers for the new freshmen.

-- Rex Robinson adds a little more to the discussion when talking about the importance of numbers.

-- Bubba N Earl take a look at a player who I think is seriously flying under the radar this preseason.

-- T Kyle King gets some firsthand info on the one team on the Bulldogs' schedule you probably don't know much about.

-- Chris Low looks at the commitments from the ESPN150 and sees the SEC continuing to dominate.

-- Get the Picture offers probably the best breakdown of the SEC West race I've seen so far, yet it's still ultimately fruitless.

-- Georgia's basketball schedule is rounding into shape with the addition of Pepperdine.

-- ESPN has a really nice story on the Eagles' former defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, who died earlier this week.

-- I'm not one who enjoys spoilers, so I haven't read this, but if you're interested here's some gossip about what's in store on the new season of "The Office."

-- And speaking of great comedies, here's every word Tracy Morgan said on Season 3 of "30 Rock." It really needs no context.

-- And finally, with all the bad '80s remakes, I think I'm actually happy to see "Fraggle Rock" get the big-screen treatment. Although, "The Dark Crystal" scared the heck out of me when I was 5, and I'm fairly certain this movie will, too.

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