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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Links (8/19)

Ladies and Gentlemen, you're witnessing an historic post today... it's my first using my new laptop. As Marc Weiszer and Tim Tucker can attest, I was close to hurling my old one out the window of the Butts-Mehre media room, so this is a big step forward for me. Ideally, the posts will now be bigger, stronger and faster... or at least take me less time to compile. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these links created on a delightful new MacBook Pro....

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on how the Bulldogs' defense worked to not just create turnover opportunities, but to take advantage of those opportunities when they happen.

-- Get the Picture adds yet another point in the ridiculous ongoing conversation about Mark Richt's job security.

-- For all of you wondering why you haven't heard more from Michael Moore and AJ Green during the scrimmages, Marc Weiszer has the answers.

-- Tyler Estep has an off-topic interview with Shaun Chapas. First off, I love the Chapas mug shot photo. Second, his favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex? Come on, Shaun. That's like saying your favorite Zeppelin song is Stairway.

-- The Stuff of Legend is celebrating a very happy Greg Blue day with some fond memories.

-- Former Bulldog George Foster is determined to turn his career around in Cleveland.

-- And D.J. Shockley is confident that he can start in the NFL... somewhere.

-- The recruiting sites don't always get their evaluations of players right, but this one is... well, hilarious. (h/t Jim F.)

-- The Oklahoman looks at Zac Robinson's skills in the running game. This should be of particular interest to Georgia after the Dogs struggled mightily against mobile QBs last year.

-- Oh, Lane. So much for that great recruiting class. The NCAA is already looking into whether Bryce Brown has violated his amateur status by employing an "advisor."

-- Nick Saban won't tollerate speculation about the depth chart among the media at Alabama. Good thing I'm not covering Alabama.

-- Macon Dawg is counting down the top items in the SEC he's looking forward to watching this season, and he has No.'s 11-15 up now.

-- I just went through and confirmed some new friend requests on Facebook this morning, and I came across a request to join this group, which I'm now going to strongly encourage all of you to support. If nothing else, check out the accompanying YouTube video for one of my all-time favorite "South Park" musical scenes.

-- This is just kinda gross. I mean, Jeff Goldblum... really?

-- And finally, a new study offers some concerning news regarding a potential zombie attack. Somebody needs to tell Al Gore to get to work on a Power Point presentation!

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RawDawg said...

The best Led Zeppelin song of all-time is "When the Levee Breaks".

That is a fact.