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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Links (9/3)

As a member of the media, I'll admit -- a lot of us suck. I could probably spend a good week-and-a-half talking about the number of "journalists," radio hosts, TV pundits and bloggers that I absolutely lothe professionally (and in some cases, personally). So I'm completely understanding of sports fans who complain about the rampant lack of professionalism within the industry. I get it. I sympathize.

But there are two things I find completely ridiculous that happen far too often:

1.) If someone has an opinion that differs from their own, the other person is an idiot. The level of decorum in this country has really gotten to a bad place.

2.) Those same people continue to listen to/watch/read the people they hate, just so they have an opportunity to talk about how much they hate them. Honestly, is there a bigger waste of time than doing something you know you despise simply so that you can talk about how much you despise it?

Anyway, I got two comments on my post about scheduling yesterday that gave me a good laugh for those very reasons.

The first one...

We play in the sec east and don't have to do that the sec does it for us. Ohio State has to schedule a huge name because the big ten is a little down. And quit whinning about being lied to you've said that in a few articles.

And the second one...

i'll read one more of your articles and if it sucks like this one it will be the last. Do you root for the dawgs?

These were both posted anonymously (shocking, I know) within two minutes of each other, so I'm going out on a limb to assume the same person wrote both.

OK, so let's have a quick tutorial, as a fun aside.

First, no I don't root for the Dawgs. As I said in my first post ever on this site, what I root for is a good story. I'm lucky, however, in that the Dawgs usually do a nice job of providing that, win or lose.

My fundamental theory in covering a team, however, is that while you shouldn't be a fan of the team, you should be a fan of the fans. I don't like or have much respect for writers who go out of their way to alienate their audience or create controversy just for the sake of attention. My goal is to report honestly, objectively and, hopefully, do it in as entertaining and informative a way as possible.

Secondly, if you want to rip me in the comments, I only ask that you put some effort into it. This is lame. You don't like my blog so you're going to stop reading? I honestly don't know how I'll sleep at night now. Seriously, the blog is free. I write what I want, and it doesn't add a dime to my pocket whether you read it or not.

Also, if you're going to take time out of your day to complain about having to read a free blog that, you know, you don't HAVE to read, have the courtesy to at least attach a name to the comment. It doesn't have to even be your name. No one's checking IDs. But come up with something. Obscure references to "Spinal Tap" are appreciated.

Look, if you really want to hurt my feelings, here are a few suggestions:

1.) Find minor typos and point them out regularly. This will gnaw at my perfectionist nature, and while I'll be mad at you for pointing out such trivialities, I'll secretly just be mad at myself for overlooking them in the first place. It's a brilliant psychological move.

2.) Come up with something at least a bit creative. I dunno, maybe tell me how your grandmother has dementia and Parkinson's and still writes more coherently than I do. Put some thought into it.

3.) Remind me that a.) the Cubs spent their offseason dealing players so they could afford to sign Milton Bradley, b.) Andy Reid is the Eagles head coach and will again find a way to throw their season down the toilet at the most gut-wrenching possible moment, or c.) mention the name Greg Paulus.

4.) If there's one thing you can't complain about, it's me complaining. That's like downing a fifth of bourbon and then yelling at me for having a glass of wine. Besides, I do lots of other things more annoying than complaining about a coach lying to me. (Side note: I didn't compain about Richt lying. I complained about him not sticking to the same lie throughout. Much like with Reshad Jones' tackling, I just ask for consistency.)

5.) If you really want to get at me, here's the pefect line: "You're like Georgia's version of Skip Bayless, only with a worse haircut and a flabby physique."

See how much better that is? Come on, folks. The season is upon us. The stakes are high. If you're gonna make mean-spirited anonymous comments on a free blog that is done purely for your enjoyment, you've got to bring your 'A' game.

OK, onto some links that I really hope everyone likes, lest they decide to only come back and read one more time...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on the dynamic backfield tandem of Richard Samuel and Carlton Thomas, whose differing styles make game planning for Georgia's rushing attack a difficult task.

The most important question to come from this story, however, is what are we going to call the Samuel-Thomas combo? Do we go with something traditional, like "Thunder and Lightning"? Do we add some pop-culture flair and go with "Shake and Bake"? How about a nod to the youngest of Dawg fans by calling them "Thomas & The Tank Engine"? I think it's essential we get this figured out before Saturday.

-- I didn't post links yesterday, so if you haven't seen my story on the matchup between AJ Green and Dez Bryant, you may consider killing four minutes of your day by reading it.

-- Tim Tucker confirms that our long national nightmare is finally over -- no pregame handshakes for the Bulldogs and Cowboys.

-- All those controversies cropping up in Stillwater seem a little odd to you? Every Day Should Be Saturday has gotten to the bottom of it. This could be the work of only one man...

-- Before you get too nervous about Oklahoma State, check out this hilarious season preview for the Cowboys, provided by a Texas Longhorns blog. (h/t Georgia Sports Blog)

Sure, it's funny. But you know what they say about jokes...

SHEILA: Well, behind every joke there's some truth.
JERRY: What about that Bavarian cream pie joke I told you? There's no truth to that. Nobody with a terminal illness goes from the United States to Europe for a piece of Bavarian cream pie and then when they get there and they don't have it he says " Aw, I'll just have some coffee." There's no truth to that.

-- Hahahahahahahahaha. You'll never guess where the departed Oklahoma State tight end is planning to enroll. (OK, you probably will guess.)

-- Glory, Glory hands out some not-so-traditional preseason awards and I assume that Georgia fans will enjoy their final selection.

-- Hey Jenny Slater has his Oklahoma State preview posted and it's a good one.

-- Larry Munson has some concerns about this trip for the Bulldogs.

-- Bubba N Earl pay tribute to a damn good Dawgs fan.

-- I can't wait to see what the editor in Albany does with Loran Smith's work. I hope Loran knows a lot about Buster Posey.

-- David Pollack was dishing out financial advice -- and some football -- at Georgia yesterday.

-- has a nice profile on the work Mark Fox is doing to reshape the Georgia hoops program.

-- ESPN's Bruce Feldman ranks OSU defensive coordinator Bill Young's first game against Georgia as one of the top debuts to watch in college football this year.

-- The Oklahoman looks at how the Cowboys' front four will match up against Georgia's stout offensive line. (Don't worry, no quotes from Stacy Searels.)

-- Clifton Geathers has been given the green light to return to South Carolina, but he won't play tonight.

-- Urban Meyer is taking a page from Lane Kiffin's playbook to drum up support for Tim Tebow's Heisman campaign. You know, because it's just tough to really get Tebow's name out there.

-- Ice Cube? ESPN? The LA Raiders? It's amazing to think so much talent could be assembled for one documentary.

-- The house where Bruce Springsteen wrote "Born to Run" is for sale. If only I could tolerate living in New Jersey...

-- Not only is the name of this particular blog great, but this post on the 40 most undeserving Starting Lineup figures of all time is amazing. I must say, however, I take exception with their selection of Kent Oberkfell. I say, if you wear a blue glove to play third base, you're OK in my book.

-- Rolling Stone has a Q&A with Stephen Colbert, who will be the magazine's next coverboy.

-- I think the usual timeline is supposed to go: Get really stoned, then go to KFC. In California, however, they're turning that plan on its head.

-- And finally, who knew Punky Brewster could put Jeff Owens to shame when it comes to getting Twitter followers? (Also, I now know where you can find 1 million people with way too much time on their hands.)


Anonymous said...

Skip Bayless? I always thought of you as a louder, dumber, and more annoying version of Collin Cowherd, but with a blog instead of a nationally syndicated radio show. And its obvious by your snide comments that you hate Georgia even more than that former AJC tool, Carter Strickland. I hope your kitten gets run over by garbage truck. And I'm signing anonymously just to piss you off. Have a nice day!

hartwelldawg said...

Greg Paulus! That was classic.

David Hale said...

See... THAT'S how it's done!

Sucks about my kitten though.

NCT said...

I loathe misspelling.

I'm kidding -- not about the misspelling, but by bringing it up. I dig your blog and articles.

MikeInValdosta said...

What about when people say Ne-wark, as opposed to New-ark.

As in New-ark,Delaware isn't exactly Athens, but it is decidedly better than Ne-wark, NJ.

We really are not afraid of Delaware State.

Joe Biden!

Wilmington: Credit Card Crooks and Corporate Poisoners live here!

Greg Williams!

George Thorogood really isn't from Delaware, his dad just worked for DuPont.

A sportswriter from Delaware is kind of like a hockey player from Alabama.

Safe travels, Dave

David Hale said...

Mike, for a guy from Valdosta, your knowledge of Delaware is frightening.

Go Hens!

MikeInValdosta said...

The aforementioned corporate poisoner paid for my Valdosta estate ;-)

I left out that Total Wine is the best liquor store I have ever been to

Billy D said...

I skipped over all that nonsense at the beginning. Went straight to the Dawgs news. That's all I really care about.

You are going to have to put up with complete morons on the internet. Just look at all the Tech fans on the site.

Anonymous said...

will be interesting to see if Spurrier gets any grief for conveniently clearing Geathers for tonight's game so he can sit it out and be ready for the dawgs. You couldn't see that one coming. At uga, he'd be done until til October.

Universal Remonster said...

Yeah, you misspelled "loathe."

Haha, just forget all of those tools David. You're by far my favorite news source for all things UGA, and I have a paid subscription to rivals, so that's saying a good bit. Plus you have a very genuine and creative sense of humor, and I dig that.

BigDawg said...

David-Thanks for all you do with this blog. Being unhappily unemployed, your blog is my morning delight. Keep it up and look forward to your work this fall. Kudos from this Dawg fan!

PNWDawg said...

You dress yo mammy...

Sorry, that's the best I could do. I agree %100 with your soapbox moment and enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and read it everyday, but your challenge to rip on you is too much to resist. I like your suggestions, especially likening you to Skip Bayless who is the Anti-Christ, only more obnoxious and less informed about the topics relevant to his profession. However, I prefer making fun of people about things that may or may not be true about them. It causes them to be defensive and is a form of spreading vicious rumors. Anyway, keep the great blogging, but you look like a tool rollerblading around North Campus in that purple track suit.

David Hale said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys, but I really was only kidding about the comments. I wasn't upset... I just like giving it back to anonymous complainers from time to time. One of my favorite parts of doing this blog has been the ability of commenters to be insightful without being a$$holes, and I'd like to keep it that way. Reading the comments at the AJC is tough just because of all the negativity.

Dawg Stephen said...

What makes this a great blog is that you COVER IT SO WELL. I dont care if you are a fan or not, you do your job and thats bring us the info on the team we love.

Anonymous said...

I was loving your column until you busted on the uber hot Punky Boobster....
I guess that makes you the Miyam bialik of the blogosphere....and now on a very special Bloss....Hale.

David Hale said...

On tonight's episode, I consider losing my virginity, but think better of it after a candid conversation with my wise father.

jason said...

I could not agree more with your first two points. Why do people want to spend their short lives on this planet reading/listening/watching media that just p*sses them off? They enjoy being angry??? I don't get it. Personally, I try to make my leisure time as enjoyable as possible. But, maybe I'm crazy.

Anyway, that's why I stopped listening to Atlanta Sports Radio during my regular commute.

And that's why I continue to read your blog as often as I can.

Great work.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I Love You & there's not a DAWG gone thing you can do about it!

Dr. Lou