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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

B-ham News Reports Tuberville Out

Rather than rewrite and relink to everything that the fine folks over at Georgia Sports Blog have already done, I'll just forward you over there.

Long story short though, it looks like Tommy Tuberville is out at Auburn. Reports have mentioned Mike Leach, who was interviewing with Washington today and apparently has a contract extension on the table at Texas Tech, along with Paul Johnson and (cue laugh track) Bobby Petrino. Oh, how I would love for Petrino to take that job.

In any case, if Tuberville really is out, go ahead and start the drum beat for him to take over for Willie Martinez if you must. I have no doubt the rumors will start, but I'm still holding firm that Willie will be back -- regardless of who else is available.


CTT4UGADC said...

Name says it all

JJ said...

No way Tuberville will ever be a coordinator or assistant anywhere. He'll either be a head coach somewhere else, or sit on his rear and count money.