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Friday, April 24, 2009

Catching Up With... Corvey Irvin

While Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno have gotten the most pre-draft buzz of Georgia's crop of soon-to-be NFLers during the past few months, plenty of others are waiting to hear their names called to. I caught up with one of them when I spoke with defensive tackle Corvey Irvin earlier this week...

David Hale: We're getting awful close to the moment of truth. You getting nervous yet?

Corvey Irvin: For the last couple weeks, it's been OK, but I think it's starting to hit me now over the last three or four days. I'm not nervous, but I don't know where I'm going to be at for the summer. It's not nerve wracking, but I'm happy and I'm anxious. I'm realizing my dream right now. From a young age, to Pee-Wee ball, to high school and college, and now it's the pros. I can say I really did it in a couple more days from now, it will have all came true.

DH: So who all have you talked to? Do you have a better idea yet of where you might end up?

CI: I'm having a bunch of calls from different teams, but I only visited two teams -- Detroit and Buffalo. I've just been working out and trying to stay in shape, stay fit and stay ready.

DH: You mentioned that you visited Detroit. Do you think you might like having a chance to keep playing with Matthew Stafford?

CI: I'd love to play with Stafford. We could keep each other on high level ground, and that'd be cool.

DH: So have you been happy with how this whole process has turned out? You got a lot of very positive reviews from the performances you turned in at these offseason workouts.

CI: I was pleased by what I accomplished at Pro Day and the combine. I believe I had my stock rise tremendously by doing all the activities. I'm happy with myself knowing that I gave it all I had, and that I dug harder and deeper when it was tough.

DH: When you go on the visits with teams, what is that like?

CI: Basically, it's like a job interview. They want to see your personality. It's like a recruiting visit actually. They bring you in for a couple days and you meet with the coaches and watch film and eat and tour the facilities, but they just want to sit down and see what type of person you are. The film is the only aspect they have of you. The perception is what's on film. They see how you play on film, now they want to see how you are as a person.

DH: So now that all the work is done and you're just in a waiting mode, how do you feel?

CI: It feels great because, like I said, it's been a childhood dream. Now I'm sitting in front of all these big-time coaches and going to these different cities, and it's just wonderful. I'm going to seize the moment and embrace everything that comes my way, and just thank God and thank my family for being there and supporting me.

DH: Have you kept in touch with any of your former teammates during this whole process -- the ones who are going through it, too?

CI: Mainly it's been Jarius Wynn. Me and him were training together and we would sit and talk and just remember the good old days at Georgia. Sometimes he'll get sad and tell me he's going to miss me because we're about to go our separate ways, but I'm pretty sure we'll still be in contact with each other.

DH: Well, I'm sure a lot of Georgia fans will be excited to hear your name called this weekend. What will you be doing during the draft?

CI: I'll be in Augusta this weekend with my family watching it. I might have a little get-together, but not too big.

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