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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easy Being Green

It's probably a scary thought for opposing cornerbacks, but A.J. Green said last season was far from his best.

From the start of summer practice all the way through Georgia's bowl game, the freshman receiver played with a sore groin that slowed his breaks and kept him from maximizing his potential.

Now, for the first time in nearly a year, he's feeling back to normal, and he's excited to be using practice time to work on his game rather than rehab his injury.

"It's good, I'm 100 percent now," Green said. "I don't think (the injury) limited me game-wise, but practice-wise, not being able to go every day. Sometimes it would be bothering me, and I'd be missing out on reps that could help me."

While Green took the SEC by storm in his freshman campaign, he said the groin injury was largely a result of being unprepared physically for what life at the college level was like.

"I think it had a lot to do with me not being flexible enough," Green said. "But the trainers have me stretching every day before practice and after."

Becoming more flexible is just the tip of the iceberg for Green, however, and junior wide receiver Tony Wilson said he thinks Georgia's freshman phenom has a chance to be significantly better as a sophomore.

For all the accolades Green earned after leading the SEC in receiving in 2008, he's approaching this season as if he had to prove himself all over again.

"He still comes out to work every day just like every great player should," Wilson said. "He's one of those guys that never really let it get to his head. He always comes in with that mentality like he's got to get better every day, and he works like it every day."


AppleDawg said...

Good read. I just am not sure he will get as many throws this year or throws that connect to him with Cox.

Don't mean that as a knock on Cox but I do think we will struggle with our RB's and Cox will not be a deep threat for us.

jferg said...


Don't forget that David Greene had a pea-shooter for an arm, but connected with Fred Gibson on many deep balls (and Reggie his last year). Yards after catch will be the key this year.

Any college QB can throw it 30 yards...and that's all he'll need. AJ and the recievers will do the rest. Sometimes having the touch to drop the ball over the WRs shoulder 25 yards down the field is better than whistling it on a line 60 yards, incomplete.

Plus, if we need a Hail Mary, we've got Mettenberger ready to sling it 80 yards!

Universal Remonster said...


David Greene actually had some pretty decent arm strength as far as distance is concerned, he just had a bit of a slow and methodical release. Cox actually has a pretty comparable arm, so hopefully the word that his accuracy is fastastic is true.

But the best deep-ball thrower on this team is Aaron Murray. Mettenberger has the cannon for precise timing routes and getting the ball to the receivers hands quick, but Murray has that lighting quick release and touch that puts the long balls right where the receiver can get them.