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Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Links (4/6)

Thanks to the hoops hire Friday, it's been a few days since I've had time to write up a links post. But we're back to work today, so here ya go...

-- If you only read one story about a trio of senior defensive linemen for the Bulldogs in a central Georgia newspaper today, I think it should be this one.

-- With the Jay Cutler trade over and done with, the Detroit Lions are likely to shift their focus back to Matthew Stafford. Or then again, maybe not.

-- The general consensus among a lot of "draft experts" is that, while Matthew Stafford is likely to be the first pick in the draft, he's no Matt Ryan. The Telegraph's Daniel Shirley isn't so sure.

-- Speaking of Georgia quarterbacks, the AJC's Tim Tucker takes a look at how the depth chart behind Joe Cox might shake out.

-- Good news for Paul Dehner and bad news for Knowshon Moreno: The Cincinnati Bengals have interest in drafting the former Bulldogs running back. (Considering two of the most recent former Georgia players to land with the Bengals had their careers end with a broken neck and a drug suspension, this really doesn't seem like an ideal landing spot for No. 24.)

-- Battle Hymn Notes has a great look at the learning curve for Georgia's two freshmen quarterbacks.

-- Asher Allen would love to stay close to home after the NFL draft.

-- Former Georgia standout Arthur Marshall has fallen on plenty of hard times lately.

-- Jeff Owens has a Q&A with Ben Harden.

-- The common refrain from Mark Richt last season was that Georgia and Georgia Tech weren't typically going after the same players, but things aren't exactly playing out that way so far this recruiting season.

-- I'm sure by now you've already heard about Percy Harvin's failed drug test, but I think Blogging Pantsless really adds a touch of flair to the story (and the commenter with the reference to "Half Baked" really ties the whole thing together).

-- You've probably read plenty about the hiring of Mark Fox at this point, but if you really want to get to know Georgia's new basketball coach, Steve Hummer's profile in Sunday's AJC is a must read.

-- Catfish and Cornbread has a look at Mark Fox through the eyes of a Nevada fan.

-- This is one of the craziest things I've ever heard: Apparently a Nevada fan tried to play an April Fool's joke on Wednesday, posting on a popular Wolfpack message board that Georgia planned to hire away Mark Fox. Two days later, it happened. So perhaps we need to credit "ChrisWebb86" with breaking the story.

-- The rubber game of the Diamond Dogs big weekend series went to LSU. The upside though... Bryce Massanari is hitting the cover off the ball.

-- The Banner-Herald has a pretty cool photo gallery from the series finale between Georgia and LSU.

-- I definitely never expected to see this headline. I guess that means Vin Diesel's career will last at least another three or four years.

-- I know a lot of you get sick of my references to "Lost" on the blog, but at least this one sort of has something to do with sports.

-- Long before "Lost," however, the best sci-fi show on TV was "Quantum Leap." The show's star talks about its 20th anniversary in this interview. Oh boy.

-- And finally, this entire blog post (courtesy of Deadspin) is hilarious, but Braves fans can skip ahead to the end for a good laugh.


Mackalicious said...

Thanks for linking! See you Saturday.

jferg said...

yeah....the JKG baby! It's good to know that Jeff is on board...and I'm fairly certain that at some point, CWM will try it on for size...even if it's just to placate the big uns...

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this but do the coaches and or logan gray regret him going to special teams last year? Has that come up at all?

David Hale said...

Hey says he doesn't regret it at all and enjoyed doing it, but I have to believe that if the coaches had a do-over, they would have used Carlton as a return man a year ago and let Logan get all the reps he needed at QB.

David Manning said...

Thanks for the gallery link.