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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Links (4/15)

Due to some minor (and potentially ongoing) computer difficulties, these links are being posted a good bit later than usual. Hopefully you found alternative ways to be unproductive this morning...

-- What looked like a blowout was actually pretty tense for one inning in Georgia's loss to Georgia Tech last night at Foley Field.

-- Here's a G-Day story that you probably didn't see elsewhere but is one you should definitely read. (By the way, I came across that link from Battle Hymn Notes, which I encourage you guys to start checking out. The content is usually very good.)

-- ESPN's Chris Low does a good job of giving Georgia fans some comfort that, at least they aren't the only ones suffering through a ridiculous amount of injuries this spring. Low has put together his All-Injured team of SEC talent, as well as a post about the high number of casualties Florida has suffered this spring.

-- It looks like Dexter Moody -- who was released from scholarship by Mark Richt -- is heading to Knoxville to play his college ball. (By the way, I love the glamor shot pose Lane Kiffin's got in his photo with this story.)

-- A few folks in Detroit are starting to wonder if Matthew Stafford might be a bit immature after the recent stories of his fued with the 49ers and his comments to friends.

-- Having said that, Stafford and the 49ers are apparently trying to patch up their earlier difficulties.

-- Mel and McShay both have Knowshon Moreno headed to Philadelphia (yay!) but now rumors are surfacing (and they make NO sense) that Dallas is interested in trading up for him. Um, don't the Cowboys already have three potential starting running backs?

-- USA Today profiles Suzanne Yoculan's attempt to win her 10th NCAA Gymnastics title in her final season at Georgia.

-- A key component to winning No. 10 for the Gym Dogs will be the performance of the oft-injured Tiffany Tolnay.

-- Georgia set a record for spring enrollment this semester. Given the economy, I think school is definitely the best place to be.

-- Is a show from your DVR schedule on the brink of cancellation? E! looks at shows that need saving.

-- And finally, for all you "Eastbound and Down" fans, keep this in mind before getting creative when you go to the ballpark.


Anonymous said...

from the redandblack article

A total of 268 students is enrolled at the Buckhead campus, which is mainly for working professionals and enrolls only students studying for master's degrees in business administration.

cttdawg said...

Is it fair to assume that Matthew Stafford made those comments? So far all we have is one reporter that supposedly "heard" from a friend of a friend that Stafford made these statements. Yet you report it here as fact? as news?Have you interviewed Matthew about this? Have you spoken to the supposed "friends" that spoke to some reporter outside of Georgia?

Matthew Stafford has always been very careful about his words and has always dealt with the press with safe statements (as I believe you've said yourself here previously Mr. Hale). It seems really suspect and baseless, and now we have folks using this drivel as an excuse to question his readiness for the job as the top draft pick. This erroneous, baseless reporting can affect his draft status and we're beginning to see evidence of that with the link you provided! How irresponsible of you & the press to pass rumor off as fact and possibly jeopardize his draft status.

So much for journalistic integrity and truth in reporting. I expect better from you Mr. Hale-you typically do not engage in nefarious stories so i'm surprised you've stooped to this low. I urge you to excersice some responsibility and do your due diligence as a Reporter. Call Matthew Stafford, ask for the sources, find out if the information is true before being a part of the recycling of rumors. Matthew deserves better than this.

David Hale said...

All due respect cttdawg, but I didn't "report" any of this. I'm simply providing you a link to articles that have reported it. Feel free to judge for yourself whether or not you want to believe what another newspaper has reported.

I will say, too, that one of Stafford's close friends on the team did tell me specifically that Stafford was extremely confident that he was going to go No. 1. Whether statements like that can be taken out of context or not, I don't know.

AppleDawg said...

Few things

1) The site that reported that Stafford said the "done deal' comment has made up many things in the past before. They hide behind their sources when they state rumors. Also, it is obvious that Stafford banged the site owners wife because he has had it out for him since he decided to go Pro

2) Moody going to UT is hilarious. He will fit in perfect. He redefines thug

Anonymous said...

why would Kenny Powers be at Royals stadium....just a bunch of posers, hoes and sh**heads.

cttdawg said...

"1) The site that reported that Stafford said the "done deal' comment has made up many things in the past before. They hide behind their sources when they state rumors. Also, it is obvious that Stafford banged the site owners wife because he has had it out for him since he decided to go Pro."

Thank you Apple, that was my point. Mr. Hale, you linked an article w/ scrupulous to zero sources. You are just as guilty as the writer. Its just too bad you don't have the integrity to admit your wrong and remove the link. That would be the right thing to do.

By providing the link and making a comment on it, you are taking part in spreading a rumor.

I would wager you would be very upset if someone published erroneous reports about you that could possibly interfere with your ability to fulfill a dream and earn your paycheck. Its a shame you chose to take part in this. Judging from your rude response I can see that you are determined to defend the rumor rather than do your due dilligence and investigate the truth. And Matthew's confodence is not the same as stating your contract is a lock - which is what that "reporter" wrote. You failed your responsibilities and that is simply a shame. I thought better of you.

David Hale said...

I think perhaps you were being a bit too sensitive, but allow me to clarify now without worrying about offending: Go to journalism school if you want to accuse me of anything.

I am not furthering a "rumor." I am linking to a published report that has run in numerous established and respected newspapers. My job with this blog is to inform Georgia fans. I pass along that information. You take from it what you will. It is not my job to judge the validity of it.

Moreover, I highly doubt this affects Stafford's ability to pursue his dream. He's going to get drafted and play in the NFL and make a lot of money regardless of what anyone writes about him.

I assure you, sir, you have no concept of what my job SHOULD be. If you are unsatisfied with the coverage you receive here, I encourage you to look for your news elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you do Lord Hale. But seriously, he's giving sources and there's an understood disclaimer (in my eyes). Not like he's endorsing them as truth, and really, I'm curious to know this stuff. Long live Lord Hale.

BluelineDawg said...


I enjoy the links that DH provides to anything dealing with UGA and its players. I, like most other readers, have enough common sense to know that what DH is doing is letting the bulldog nation know what is being said about our teams and players. The links he provides on this blog, and the accompanying comments are just that, links and comments. I do not see how you can infer that they should be governed by the rules of journalism. If you are referring to his “passing on of rumor” as a violation of journalistic responsibility, I would say “what better place, than a blog, to find out what others have said about your team”. Fact or fiction, that is for me to decide. I for one want to be able to judge for myself what is being said and appreciate the work that DH does in compiling links to many other sources of news and rumor. It is up to us to judge the validity of those comments, made by others not DH. You have the right to choose a lot of things in this country; you can even choose which blogs to read and which ones to avoid. I have made my choice, have you?

Keep up the good work. For all of us that do enjoy knowing what is going on with our teams, real or not, don't let the vocal minority keep you from informing the silent majority. Sorry to tap into your fight, but the comments by cttdawg just burned me up. I would guess your job is thankless enough without having to deal with this sort of professional attack on a BLOG. Keep doing what you are doing and THANKS!

David Hale said...

Thanks guys... I greatly appreciate the support. I have no problem with CTT's inherent point, which is sourceless stories are far from top-line journalism. I don't endorse that, but in this day and age, plenty of news outlets allow it.

As you stated, however, I think most Dawgs fans would rather know the information then formulate their own idea, reaction, response rather than be completely ignorant of it. In fact, I know there are a few players who read this blog, too, and perhaps one of them will see the story on Stafford and can vouch for its inaccuracy.

Ignoring the story doesn't mean it's not there.

Thanks again for the kind words!

Mike In Valdosta said...

Perhaps all media should be shut down if accuracy is a requirement for network connectivity.

Let's leave the censorshp to Pelosi and friends.