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Friday, April 10, 2009

To Beard or Not to Beard

I had a post yesterday on Mark Richt's new focus on the minor details, which he hopes will extend to bigger-picture issues such as academics and off-field incidents. Part of the new philosophy for Richt, however, means that players won't be able to have beards during the season -- a rule that seems to have struck a nerve with some fans.

(After all, do you think Corvey Irvin could have had such a fine senior season if he still looked LIKE THIS?)

Dancing in the End Zone offers a friendly retort to Mark Richt's no beards policy. It comes replete with a photoshopped image of Richt with a Fu Man Chu and Joe Cox sporting a very Ulysses S. Grant look (or maybe it's an 1860s gold-rush era mountain man). Either way, I like it.

Also, I totally forgot that this new rule by Richt will essentially end the campaign I started with Paul Dehner of the Albany Herald to convince Richt to grow a mustache.


AppleDawg said...

All of this discipline that goes back to Richt's first year is great but my question still stands

Why did we go away from this to start with?

Why am I reading that Richt is going back to minor details, etc....why would we not have done that previously?

T. Kyle King said...

I'm with you, David. Keep fighting the good fight.