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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Links (4/16)

Happy Thursday. Hope everyone got their taxes done in time to enjoy "Lost" last night. Loved the "Empire Strikes Back" references. Hurley is hands down the best part of that show.

Anyway, one thing I wanted to clear up following a minor disagreement here yesterday:

Obviously when I write anything from a story for the newspaper to a post for this blog, the accuracy of the information is my top priority. Having said that, when I post these links here each day, I am not fact checking everyone else's stories. If there is a Georgia-related story that I think is notable or relevant, I link to it. My thought process is simply that if it's something Georgia fans might be talking about, it's something you deserve the opportunity to read. I am not censoring any content based on which writers I like or dislike, which news outlets I feel are worth including or not or whether the stories make Georgia look good, bad or indifferent. How much stock you want to put into the stories I link to -- or whether you want to read them at all for that matter -- is up to you.

In regards to the stories about Matthew Stafford telling teammates he felt he was a lock to go to Detroit, I included those links for specifically those purposes. It's an issue that Georgia fans care about. And while I cannot say one way or another whether the original material has a history of factual errors, I have also not seen a printed denial or contradiction to the story, either. If someone has one, please send me the link and I will happily post it.

The bottom line here is, if I refused to post links to a news outlet that had a factual error in a story over the past few months, I'd no longer link to ESPN, CNN, the AJC or pretty much every other news outlet. That's not the way I want to run this blog. If you don't like that methodology, I'm more than open to suggestions or inquiries, or you can simply skip over reading the links. But the one thing I will not tolerate is having my ethics and integrity as a journalist called into question. So, if you feel the need to type up a message saying I've failed as a journalist because I linked to a story you don't like, I'd suggest saving yourself some time and just finding a new Georgia blog to read.

OK, rant over. Enjoy today's lies, half-truths and works of fiction...

-- USA Today has a story on Suzanne Yoculan's final trip to the NCAA tournament with a slant on the controversy that has surrounded her tenure at Georgia. I also have a piece on Yoculan, and I'll have a bunch more on the Gym Dogs later today.

-- Utah's coach is full of confidence but says the pressure during NCAAs is all on Georgia.

-- I linked to this with my Bryan Evans video post yesterday, but figured I would again here: Among all the players who posted impressive spring performances, Brandon Boykin might have the best chance to make an immediate impact as a playmaker in Georgia's secondary.

-- The Red & Black reports that the brother of one of Georgia's quarterbacks plans to walk on with the Bulldogs this summer.

-- Get the Picture has one of its patented numbers-driven posts, looking back at SEC stats from the past four years. Good stuff.

-- Washaun Ealey still isn't qualified for Georgia, but he tells the AJC there's no reason for fans to worry.

-- Mississippi State has a new coach, a new offense and now new uniforms.

-- I'm in Albany today visiting some friends, so a special link for the folks in South Georgia: Albany State has offered a full scholarship to a 10-year-old.

-- Remember Denny Neagle? He pitched a few years with the Braves but saw his career end thanks to a combination of prostitutes and pitching in Colorado? Well, things don't sound like they've improved much.

-- And finally, the British Times Online lists its top 50 American TV shows of recent years, and while I'm not going to argue at all with No. 1, the list seems to include a lot of crap, too. But hey, who am I to argue with the British?


Anonymous said...

What's great about the Denny Neagle item is that Denny, or someone pretending to be Denny (perhaps the blogger?) has responded to the post. Always thought he was a little strange.

AppleDawg said...

I have gotten on your case in the past for linking to some Bleacher Report articles. I just don't understand why you would give pub to articles written by children or a rival whose sole purpose is to bash us and bash us using no logic whatsoever or incorrect facts.

I appreciate your links but I expect actual news on them. Not some bama fans talking about how much richt sucks due to never winning the sec ever or a uf fan claiming uga never had any good RB's in their history

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your links but I expect actual news on them.You're one of those folks who freaks out when they forget to add the pickles to your Chick-Fil-A sandwich, right?

The entire point behind the "marketplace of ideas" is that there are some morons out there, and that proper scrutiny by the reading public will reveal them to be, well, morons.

If you have a problem with Hale's aggregation practices, I have a nifty hint for you. Spend 20 minutes putting together a Google Reader list for yourself. Problem solved.

David Hale said...

It's a fair point, Anon... but at the same time, I think we're all struggling right now with how to properly produce and consume modern media. It's an ongoing process and, to put it bluntly, far more of the responsibility in that decision-making process now resides with the consumer than it ever did before.

The lesson, I guess, is to learn all you can, but be careful what you believe.

Oh, and AppleDawg... I take your Bleacher Report criticism into consideration. There's been a bunch I haven't linked to just because I thought they were worthless (like one that referred to Georgia's stud running back Thomas Carlton).

However... I use CBS Sports for my fantasy baseball league and just noticed the other day that they are now linking to Bleacher Report coverage of fantasy sports from their main page. Ugh.