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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Strong to Weak

So we know the whole Urban Meyer situation turned out to be a whole lot of nothing, but I figured it was worth passing along some other information about a coach who really is leaving Florida that might make nearly as big an impact.

Our pal Chris sent me an email last week summing up Charlie Strong's success against Georgia, and the numbers really are pretty staggering, both at South Carolina and Florida.

Strong's first year with the Gamecocks was 1999. Here's how Georgia fared against his defense in each season:

vs. Strong
vs. rest of SEC
24 31
2000 10 23
2001 9 26
2002 13 35
2003 13 29
2004 31 29
2005 10 28
2006 14 24
2007 42 27
2008 10 29
2009 17 31

So for the past 11 years, Strong's defenses have essentially held Georgia to 11 points below their average against other SEC foes, and only twice in that span have the Bulldogs topped their season average against a Strong-led defense.

Add to that the huge losses in personnel on defense at Florida this season, and there's definitely some room for optimism.


Senator Blutarsky said...

All of which makes you wonder how Georgia will fare when it plays Louisville.

Nathan said...

Go Jackets!