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Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Links (1/25)

Happy Monday, folks. Hope everyone's week is off to a good start.

I've got a lot on tap for this week -- some of which will surround the new coaches, but most of which will be other topics. But before we forget about the big news of the past two weeks, I figured I'd pass along two good Twitter messages I got last week regarding the new coaches:

From Mike Moore: I'm loving the fact we are running a 3-4! We hav so many athletes and tweeners on D that cud thrive from that system.

From Rod Battle: I wish I had another yr to be in this system. It seems like the coaches can be very creative w/ the talent. I'll be watching.

Hey, if those guys are excited about it, there's no reason for you not to be.

And speaking of Twitter, I'm up to 1,860 followers. When I get to 2,000, I can officially send a notarized letter reading, "Suck it!" to my high school guidance counselor who told me that cracking jokes and not taking my future seriously would result in me being an abject failure. So be sure to sign up as a follower HERE.

Of course, if you want a lot more UGA coverage via Twitter, here's a quick run down of some notable current and former Bulldogs who are Tweeting, too. (And if you have more, let me know and I'll add to the list.)

Jeff Owens, @jeffowens95
Darryl Gamble, @Gambleworld50
Christian Robinson, @crob45
Rex Robinson, @RexRobinson5
Danny Ware, @dannyware
Matthew Stafford, @MattStafford9
Mark Richt, @MarkRicht
Mark Fox, @CoachMarkFox
Reshad Jones, @reshadjones9
Mike Moore, @MikeMoore82
David Pollack, @davidpollack47
Rod Battle, @RodBattle
Travis Leslie, @TLeslie1
Matt Bucklin, @Bucklin12
Jeremy Price, @Bombeklot50
Connor Nolte, @ConnorNolte
A.J. Green, @ajgreen_uga8
Bacarri Rambo, @BRambo_18

(UPDATE: Courtesy of Ally...

Just fyi, @sportsin140 confirms all legit athlete's twitter accounts. They confirmed several months ago with the Detroit Lions & Matt Stafford that he is not on twitter. That account you listed is a fake, by a fan in Atlanta(according to twitter geotracking). Sorry.

Other UGA Athletes that are on twitter & confirmed:

Football Players
Jordon Love (@PoloLove10)
QuintinBanks (@qbanks31dawg)
Bacarri Rambo (@BRambo_18)
Drew Butler (@DrewBut13)
AJ Green (@ajgreen_uga8)
Derrick Lott (@Dlott85)
Kris Durham (@KrisDurham16)
Tavarres King (@TKUnoDos)

Hoop Dawgs
Tyler Whatley (@TylerWhatley)
DeMario Mayfield (@DMayfield2)

Lady Dawgs
Angel Robinson (@angelrobinson33)
Jasmine James (@Jzmnj10)

Diamond Dawgs
Christian Glisson (@CGlisson26)

Former Dawgs
Champ Bailey (@champbailey)
Knowshon Moreno (@knowshonmoreno)
Max Jean Gilles (@mjg62)
Hines Ward (@HWmvp86)
Corvey Irvin (@CorveyIrvin)

So there you have it...)

OK, on to some non-Twitter-related links...

-- Coaches Hot Seat runs down the winningest active coaches at their current school, and Mark Richt comes in at No. 11. That's pretty impressive, but then keep in mind that, of the 10 ranked higher, only four have spent more than five years at their current school. The bottom line: There just aren't many coaches better at maintaining success than Richt, and the decisions he's made this offseason only go to bolster that fact.

-- Meanwhile Ivan Maisel ranks his top programs of the decade , and Georgia slots in at No. 8. Interestingly, of the seven ranked higher, only Boise State hasn't won a national championship (and they've had two undefeated seasons).

-- T Kyle King writes that the biggest step forward for Georgia going forward might well be a step back by Florida.

-- OK, OK, I know I instituted a firm ban on anything from Deadspin a few months ago, and I promise you, I haven't visited the site since. BUT... I came across the link to this story on Georgia's "Peanutbutter Kid" from this weekend's hoops game, and I couldn't resist.

-- Mark Richt paid a visit last week to the former star of MTV's "Two-a-Days." No truth to the rumor that he also visited with J-Woww on a trip to recruit a tight end in New Jersey.

-- Da'Rick Rogers is still a Bulldog for now, and Jeff Whitaker was pretty impressed in his first meeting with Todd Grantham.

-- Bleacher Report breaks down some of the highlights of Todd Grantham's recent interviews.

-- The Sporting News says Geno Atkins has a lot to gain at this week's Senior Bowl. (h/t Jim F)

-- Matthew Stafford looks like he'll be working with a new quarterbacks coach next season.

-- The Denver Broncos appear to be moving away from their traditional zone blocking scheme, which could benefit Knowshon Moreno.

-- The AJC looks at Herschel Walker's foray into the world of mixed martial arts.

-- It's hardly time to start calling the Bulldogs a deep team, but Fletcher Page writes that Georgia's bench is improving and was a key to the big win over Tennessee last weekend.

-- Well, the State of the Union won't infringe on the "Lost" premier, but it is going to have an effect on the RADIO coverage of the Georgia-Florida hoops game. (My bad earlier... that's radio coverage, not TV.)

-- Speaking of "Lost," this new promo actually contains footage from the new season... but not much.

-- Last week I gave the two questions I wanted answered in Lost's final season. Sci-Fi Wire goes a step farther... with it's top 100 questions that have to be answered.

-- Ever wonder what a sitcom would be like without a laugh track? The answer... very creepy.

-- The now defunct CFO on "The Office" is actually a real-life financial wiz.

-- The story of how Bobby Valentine got the boot from Japanese baseball is a pretty interesting one. (h/t C-Nati) It's crazy since it was only about two years ago that Valentine was considered "a national hero."

-- A new "Gremlins" movie could be in the works ... in 3-D. And I'd like to remind readers that, as enjoyable as this blog may be, it's even better when you read it in stunning IMAX 3-D.

-- And finally, a New York woman submits her story for the next Southwest Airlines "Wanna Get Away?" commercial.


Castleberry said...

David -

Question from Saturday's game.

Late in the second half we had a fast break where McPhee put the ball off the glass and Leslie dunked it.

On the TV replay, it looked like McPhee intentionally passed the ball to Leslie off the glass - Globetrotter style.

My friend who was at the game thought Leslie was just cleaning up a missed layup.

Either way, the play was spectacular, but I'm curious about whether or not McPhee's miss was actually a pass.


Steve said...

If you watch the replay, McPhee looks back and sees Leslie trailing. It was almost certainly intentional (and a phenomenal play).

dcdawg79 said...

I agree with Steve. After watching the replay several times in disbelief, it seemed intentional to me. Amazing play.

justwokeup said...


that was bunches of stuff

tyvm :)

loves me some Bulldogs Blog!