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Friday, January 29, 2010

Whitaker Talks About His Decision

I've been told by about a half-dozen people who know a thing or two about football that the perfect fit at nose tackle in Todd Grantham's new scheme would be Warner-Robins' defensive lineman Jeff Whitaker, who will be announcing his college decision on Monday. (He's also considering Miami and Auburn.)

The Telegraph's preps writer, Jonathan Heeter, spent some time with Whitaker earlier this week and will have a more in depth story in Sunday's paper (so be sure to pick it up!), but here's a bit of what Whitaker had to say about UGA and his upcoming decision.

On Todd Grantham:
“He’s a really great guy. I think he is going to do a great job with the defense. He's honest with you and shoots straight, and that means a lot.”

On Grantham's scheme:
“I’ve played some 3-4 defense. I feel comfortable with it, although it isn’t what we played most of the time. I think (Georgia) feels like I would be a very good fit at nose tackle.”

On Georgia vs. the other programs he's deciding between:
“The thing I tell people all the time is that Georgia will be great with me or without me. It’s a great football program, and they have a great coaching staff."

On his decision to announce his decision Monday rather than to wait until signing day:
“I wanted to get it out of the way before Signing Day. Signing Day is a day for all of my teammates who are signing, not just me. It’s about our Warner Robins family.”

And one more big reason to like this kid -- he told Jonathan that he won't be doing the traditional picking from a row of hats because he doesn't want it to seem like a slap in the face of the other coaches who recruited him. “I’m not playing games with those men when I make my pick,” he said.

Classy kid who's going to be a heck of a player.

One other thing: A few of you have asked about our coverage of signing day. Last year, I was in Butts-Mehre for the entirety of the day and live blogged the event. My plan was to do something similar this year, but with the construction going on at Butts-Mehre, the media has been pushed over to Stegeman. So... I'm not entirely sure how I'll be doing it yet, but I can promise you that we'll have full coverage (or as much as possible at least) on the blog as the day progresses. Mark Richt is scheduled to meet with media at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, so I'll obviously have updates from that as well.


TR said...

Classy kid. C'mon Whitaker - come be a Dawg.

joeski said...

Definitely the kind of kid you want on your team- not just for his attitude, but for the example he will provide to the other players. Much respect to him where-ever he should end up, but I hope he's a Dawg.

Chris said...

David, just wanted to check and see if you are going to be blogging or tweeting on Signing Day. Hoping you blog as I haven't gotten into the tweeting yet and easier to keep up with at work. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


For signing day, is ButtsMehre going to be open as it has in the past for fans to gather in the museum area and here the coaches speak? Didn't know if the renovations were affecting that area too.


HounDog said...

Man, I am loving this guy! Every statement he makes seems genuine, thoughtful, and mature. I don't care who we sign this year, I want this hoss. He is a future DGD, I just hope he knows it. I'm naming my second born Big Whit, girl or boy. Go dogs!! $20 says DaRick is a Vol come Wednesday and I'm okay with that. Just prepare yourselves.

Anonymous said...

The constrution is not affecting the 3rd floor museum area or the fourth floor area yet. It is open to the general public. First floor is in shambles and the practice fields are gone.