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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Links (1/12)

No big intro today. Straight to some links...

-- I've been surprised at how emotional the reaction to the Kirby Smart proceedings has been from Georgia fans. Knowing the passion that surrounds the program, perhaps I shouldn't be, but I'll admit, I didn't predict such anger. I still think, however, that in a few months, it'll be a lot of water under the bridge and, in the end, this might have been best for both Kirby and Georgia. We shall see.

Regardless, amid a lot of the hostility, I think our pal Bernie has perhaps the most rational and reasoned response to everything.

-- The Senator isn't ready to jump off a cliff yet, but his solution to the situation is pretty dramatic.

-- Bulldog In Exile takes a more in-depth look at the situation and comes to a firm conclusion: What matters is that Richt eventually delivers on his promise to make a hire that gets the Dawgs back atop the SEC East. (And not to pick nits with Mr. Exile, of whom I'm a great admirer, but I think he's underestimating how far the Vic Koenning stuff went.)

-- T Kyle King thinks this whole situation should come to an end with Travis Jones as the defensive coordinator.

-- Cousin Walter reviews the situation, too, and says he'd still be happy with Todd Grantham.

-- Georgia Sports Blog has a smorgasbord of good info today: From a rather well-reasoned argument to why Kirby Smart is, indeed, a jerk to the importance of Wednesday's hoops game against Ole Miss to the silver lining from yesterday that will hopefully cheer a few folks up.

-- Jeff Owens wasn't invited to the NFL combine, and The Sporting News thinks he got jobbed. (h/t Jim F)

-- And looking over the invite list, Marc Weiszer wonders if it's not an indication of a real talent drop-off for Georgia.

In my humble opinion, I think it is indicative of two things that are both restricted to 2009 alone: 1.) There was no serious NFL talent graduating on offense and the defense simply didn't have that much veteran talent last year. Blame Willie if you must -- after all, he had a hand in the recruiting -- but that simply wasn't a great group of defensive players on the field in 2009.

-- Team Speed Kills has a really strong analysis of the upcoming "wide open" year in the SEC East.

-- This is a few days old but I forgot to link to it earlier: Mark Schlabach's way-too-early top 25 for 2010.

-- This may not be safe for work, but our old pal Brett Jensen has created a tribute to the ladies of bowl season that will no doubt be the highlight of any adolescent male's week.

-- Kiplinger's ranks Georgia as the sixth-best value among college coaches -- ahead of the Trade School but still behind Florida.

-- Here's a good interview with the actor who plays one of the most underrated characters on TV -- Kevin from "The Office."

-- I can't decide if I'm intrigued or concerned by the trailer for the new "A-Team" movie. I think I'm happy that it looks like they're just trying to blow a lot of stuff up and not go through the facade of making a credible film.

-- Here's an interesting bit of info from Netflix that shows the top 10 rentals by zip code in several major cities, including Atlanta. Seriously, what's with all the folks in Palmetto, Ga. renting "Paul Blart: Mall Cop"?

-- If you missed my Tweet about this yesterday... sad news... Riggins is leaving "Friday Night Lights." Of course, I think he's actually closer to collecting social security than being in high school, so perhaps it's time.

-- In a surprise to no one, "Glee" has officially been picked up for a second season.

-- The "Arrested Development" movie will start shooting this year... woo hoo!

-- A new study suggests watching TV can shorten your life. Sure, if you call not watching TV living.

-- And finally, I've read way too much to get psyched up for the final season of "Lost" so I was thrilled to read something that actually made me laugh -- how each character makes a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich.


Blue Gill said...

This may not be safe for work, but our old pal Brett Jensen has created a tribute to the ladies of bowl season that will no doubt be the highlight of any adolescent male's week.

This 51 year old adolescent thanks you from the bottom of his heart.

Anonymous said...

Could you maybe write something about how more and more the media seems to be in the business of creating perception and controversy instead of just reporting them? The perfect example is that asshat Jeff Shultz over at the AJC writing today about the coaching search and saying things like, "now people are starting to wonder, why doesn't anybody want to coach at Georgia?" This is a few paragraphs after observing that neither Foster nor Chavis nor Smart were ever really going to leave their posts for Georgia, because they're in situations which are simply too good to leave.

So, observing that our three known candidates are in great spots, what leads anybody to think that the problem is that people do not want to coach at Georgia? Better yet, WHO is wondering why nobody wants to coach at Georgia, Jeff? After you write a line like, "people are starting to wonder", why don't you include the names of some football insiders who are wondering about it? How about this: "I'm looking to stir the pot, get Georgia fans angry and thus drive up my number of page views, so I, JEFF SHULTZ AM WONDERING why nobody wants to coach at Georgia. And I'M not really wondering it, I'm just trying to come up with a column today... but it's OK if YOU want to start wondering it, because I'm in the business of CREATING controversy." There. Fixed.

Anonymous said...

Where were the Tech girls in the tribute?

jferg said...

What is your point #2 from your "i think this is indicative of 2 things" line of reasoning?

David Hale said...

Ah, man, I'm losing it.

I meant Point 1: There were no players on offense to invite and..

Point 2: The defense really wasn't that good THIS YEAR. But having said that, Curran and Reshad will end up being invited, so that's still three guys.

JasonC said...

He only used girls from the winning teams. So he should be grateful, because if he thought finding good looking girls from Marshall and Wyoming was hard...

Paul said...

He didn't find them from Penn State.

Anonymous said...

No worries guys!

I found a Georgia Tech girl that you guys were asking for!

I hear she's the hottest one on campus.

You're welcome!

Paul Westerdawg said...

Fuck You Kirby Smart.

Eray said...

Yeah, not much for the intro today, but what an outro tonight!

Anonymous said...

the most important item is a defensive coordinator who is not in line to be a head coach like smart going to tennessee tommorrow

this fellow travis is ok with me
the real truth is the players at alabama made smart look good also so he may not be the genius he is made out to be
but he is going to jump ship to be a head coach in a year or two so why waste the time

get someone who will be there for 5 years and be done with the search