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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Looking Ahead: The 10 Best Moments of 2010

Yesterday, I rated my top 10 plays of the 2009 season. But it's early January, and the retrospective looks at the year that was are about as interesting as a Georgia Tech bowl game. So I figured it was time to quit talking about last year and peer into the future to see what's in store for Georgia fans in 2010.

Having said that (h/t Larry D.) here are my 10 biggest moments for the Georgia Bulldogs next season...

10. Richard Samuel knocks down a last-gasp pass at the goal line against South Carolina. Hey, if Rennie's leaving, someone's gotta take over that job, right?

9. Zach Mettenberger throws three touchdowns against Idaho State. I'm assuming, of course, that Georgia is up by 50 at halftime in this one, and Mett gets his chance to show off his gun against one of the worst teams to set foot in Sanford Stadium in recent years in the second half.

8. Blair Walsh's opening kickoff against Louisiana-Lafayette soars deep into the end zone, followed by many more like it. OK, I'm not totally against directional kicking if the new special teams coach(es) can ensure Georgia knows how to cover it. But regardless, here's to not blowing two games because of kickoff problems. It's a modest and attainable goal for the team.

7. Georgia thrives in Boulder, I survive Boulder. I must say, I had this trip circled on my calendar when I took this job. For one, I'm excited about a trip out to Colorado, which will no doubt be every bit as cool a destination as Arizona State was two years ago. And secondly, for UGA fans, this is shaping up like a game Georgia should win easily. And finally, for me, it's a chance to catch up with my old college roommate, Colin, who lives in Denver now and will no doubt ensure that I need a liver transplant upon my return to Athens.

6. Rambo First Blood: Part Two. Let's hope when Bacarri lays out a big hit against Auburn in 2010, he'll remember it. Also, this gives me a good chance to post this great comment, posted anonymously: "i think a bar in athens should come out with a new mixed drink...the bacardi rambo...I can see the tag lines now "sure to be a hit with the ladies", "nothings given more pop to bacardi since the mojoito", "sure to get you black out drunk"…etc." I'll take two!

5. Richt gets his revenge on Kiffin. OK, I'm taking a big leap here and assuming that Lane will say something this offseason that finally gets under Richt's skin (maybe a crack about his hair?) and Richt finally unleashes the fury when Tennessee comes to town on Oct. 9. And this time, Kiffin won't have Jonathan Crompton to bail him out!

4. Georgia earns redemption against Kentucky and I get to gamble on the ponies. The trip to Lexington comes early in 2010 (Oct. 23 to be precise) which means that a.) the Bulldogs will get a chance to redeem themselves against the Wildcats one week before the Florida game and 2.) I get to head to Keeneland while the horses are still running. Seriously, I'm giddy.

3. Caleb King and Washaun Ealey each go for 200 against Georgia Tech. They have an extra week to prepare this time around, and they've got to do something to top 2009's performance.

2. A healthy A.J. Green hauls in 1,200 yards and 12 TDs. In Year 1, he had to learn the offense and deal with a lingering groin issue. The result was All-SEC honors. In Year 2, he had to deal with an offense in which he was the only legitimate threat for much of the year and injuries that cost him three-and-a-half games. The result was All-SEC honors. Seriously, how can you not be excited to see what this kid can do when the chips aren't stacked against him?

1. Aaron Murray proves he's the best quarterback in the state of Florida. The Tampa native chose Georgia over the Gators, and in Year 1 of the post-Tebow era, he'll give Florida a lesson on what they missed out on, leading the Dawgs to a big win in Jacksonville and causing Urban Meyer to take the rest of the season off to recover. Hey, it could happen.


MikeInValdosta said...

Dang, Dave, you are sounding more and more like one of us with every passing day. Your DawgNation membership card is in the mail!

Now, if we can just get you to write something ugly about the color orange.

Charlie said...

I think dawg sports actually did a "bacardi rambo" as one of their gameday cocktails this year. Looking forward to the trip to Boulder too. Should be a blast.

Universal Remonster said...

Whoever said the "Barcardi Rambo" is totally copying either my Rivals comments or my Tumblr page from this past summer. For 2009 I posted the recipes for both "The Bacardi Rambo", which involves barcardi 151, grenadine, and lime shaken with ice and served in a red-sugar rimmed glass, and the "Ginger Avenger", which was a ginger and firefly sweet tea vodka mixed and garnished with lemon peel.