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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Adding It All Up

Just a late FYI on new linebackers coach Warren Belin... he'll be making $190,000 this year -- about $27k per year more than John Jancek earned last year -- and is on the same one-year deal that all other non-Grantham assistants are on.

Here's the complete run-down of coaching salaries for 2010, assuming no raises for the holdovers from last year's staff (which is what I was told by UGA sports information).

2009 Salary 2010 Salary
Willie Martinez
325,815 Todd Grantham
Mike Bobo
325,000 Mike Bobo
Stacy Searels
290,000 Stacy Searels 290,000
Rodney Garner
290,000 Rodney Garner
Jon Fabris
202,241 Warren Belin
John Lilly
165,480 John Lilly
Tony Ball
165,480 Tony Ball
John Jancek 163,000 Scott Lakatos
Bryan McClendon
90,000 Bryan McClendon
Total $2,017,016 Total $2,445,960

Overall, that's a 21 percent increase in coaching salaries for Georgia's assistants over what they were making in 2009, which is certainly none too shabby. Of course, that number is almost entirely based on the fact that Grantham is now earning double what Georgia's highest-paid coach was a year ago. All of that should be a reminder that Grantham's hiring represented an exception, not a large-scale change in how UGA does business.

*Note: All salaries listed are base salaries, not including any bonus or endorsement money. You can find all coaching salaries from the 2009 season HERE.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You get what you pay for. There should be no excuse that UGA doesn't have the resources. Now win.