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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Links (2/24)

Many thanks for all the responses to yesterday's discussion of nudity in the gym locker room. I laughed out loud at many of them, and I definitely appreciated the link to EDSBS's rules for the gym -- all of which I wholeheartedly support.

Reading all your responses makes me feel a bit better about myself and a lot worse about the gym. Perhaps I should just go back to my old lifestyle of sitting on the couch, watching "The Price is Right" and cracking open my first Milwaukee's Best at 11 a.m.

OK, some links...

-- Joe Schad counts down his top 10 stories of the spring in college football, and he lists Georgia's QB battle at No. 5. But it's not so much the battle that's worth noting, it's what Colt McCoy says about Aaron Murray:

"Former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy once told me Georgia redshirt freshman Aaron Murray was one of the most impressive players he's ever seen."

High praise from a QB who broke David Greene's mark for career wins last season.

-- The Sporting News has a brief write-up on Rennie Curran's prospects at the NFL combine (h/t Jim F). Here's a bit of what they said:

"He has to measure over 5-11 to remain even a second- or third-round pick."

I don't know how Curran does much about that at this point. He either is 5-11 or he's not. It's not like any amount of training can change it.

I think the thing with Rennie is something he mentioned when he announced he was leaving early -- he really just needs to convince one team that they like him. If one team decides he's a second-rounder, that's what he'll be. And knowing Rennie as well as I do, I don't think it'll be too hard for him to convince one team that he's their guy.

(And truth be told, that's essentially the exact situation Tim Tebow is in, only that's a much bigger story because, well, he's Tim Tebow.)

-- A UGA student is claiming that Knowshon Moreno punched him out in downtown Athens on Monday. Be sure to note these two facts from the story:

1.) The student is 18.

2.) The incident happened at Bourbon Street Bar.

Um, 18? Isn't he a little old to be hanging out at Bourbon Street?

-- Georgia has settled its lawsuit with former player Decory Bryant for $400,000.

-- No, it's not shameless, but if The Senator posts something that makes Syracuse look good while tangentially relating it back to UGA, well that's gonna get a link no matter what.

-- Dawgs Opinion takes a look at the other big position battle (NOTE: Link fixed!) this spring -- the secondary.

-- The National Football Post has a story on Nick Saban's ability to raid the state of Georgia for top talent.

-- Rex Robinson has some thoughts on the growing concerns about athletes' use of social media. Here's one early and completely guaranteed prediction for the 2010 season: The story du jour (like last year's "who didn't vote for St. Timmy?") at SEC Media Days this year will be about players using Facebook and Twitter.

-- With St. Patty's Day just a few weeks away, The Anti-Orange Page has all the green UGA gear you'll need to throw up on later.

-- Lane Kiffin is sorta sorry for the way things played out at Tennessee.

-- Ole Miss was already going to have to rework a lot of their offense, and now one of their most talented remaining receivers is leaving the team.

-- And yet another reason people hate ESPN. Tony Kornheiser has been suspended for two weeks for making a joke about Hannah Storm's wardrobe. If ESPN cared about integrity in the least, they'd be talking to Storm about her attire rather than booting Mr. Tony for mentioning it. I've exchanged at least a half dozen text messages with my lecherous friends during morning "SportsCenter" broadcasts commenting on what Storm was wearing, so I don't think Kornheiser was breaking any new ground here.

-- Baseball America has its annual top 100 prospects list, and you'll need to read for a bit before you find a Braves player. (Note... that was meant sarcastically... I suppose that doesn't always come through in print. Sorry.)

-- Beyond the Box Score looks at which colleges supply the most players to the Big Leagues. Three SEC schools make the list, but no UGA.

-- SciFi Wire runs down its list of strange science fiction plots in otherwise normal sitcoms.

-- Fifteen years after the end of "My So Called Life," Jared Leto is still a D-bag.

-- Stuff of Legend has some early thoughts on last night's episode of "Lost." I'm not sure if I really loved the episode, but the Jack-Hurley trek through the jungle was definitely the highlight of the season so far, and as always, Hurley does an exceptional job of being the voice of the show's fans, even throwing out a random theory about time traveling back to caveman days.

-- And finally, which do you suppose is a sadder statement about the world -- the fact that Gary Busey is still reproducing or the fact that the new "Karate Kid" movie is close to completion. Seriously, you're replacing "Wax on, Wax off" with "Jacket on, Jacket off"? I think I might vomit. ... Oh wait, that's just the Milwaukee's Best.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you think by now Google would be able to link up to a screen grab of Hannah Storm's offending outfit. I need to know what Tony was talking about in order to pass judgement.

I listened to Tony's radio show about 10 years ago when I had a long commute to work. ESPN Radio was always suspending him for his tirades against ESPN management. That was just about the time he launched PTI. I remember Tony kept saying on the radio that Linda Cohn had "10 toes the hard way- 6 on one foot and 4 on the other." He got suspended for that.

HVL Dawg

KC said...

I'm surprised the ACCPD hasn't shut down Bourbon Street yet. You can probably show them a piece of paper that says "I'm 21," and you'll be allowed inside.

Anonymous said...

Hannah Storm is not picking her wardrobe. ESPN is (or, their consultants).

MikeInValdosta said...

I think Tony needs to lay off the Cialias if he can't handle Hannah Storm's wardrobe.

For years she was as buttoned-up as one can be, before and after the Zeke Mowatt incident.

I still prefer Chris McKendry, but Hannah, you've come a long way baby!

Anonymous said...

David - misspelling of karate: on purpose right?

KC - you can show them a nice piece of paper. i did it all the time freshman year.

You gotta figure over 50% of downtown bar patrons are underage, since half the undergrads are and they are the ones that go out the most. ACC aint gonna shut down that amount of revenue.

Will Q said...

Wow, way to totally bastardize the spirit of the original Karate Kid. Why don't you retcon Snake Eyes's facial disfiguration or have a Transformer urinate on a federal agent?

Hobnail_Boot said...

Couldn't disagree more w/ you regarding Hurley. They're treating the audience like morons, and wasting time to boot.

I don't need Hurley to be the voice of the 18 year old "omg kate jack sawyer" female fan. I just need him to make funny comments and throw hot pockets.