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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Links (2/27)

I'm heading over to Stegeman in a few hours for Georgia-Florida on the hardwood. Hopefully I'll see a few of you there.

In the meantime, it's been a few days since I've posted any links, so here ya go...

-- WUOG talks to soon-to-be Georgia safety Alec Ogletree about how he's getting prepared for life as a Bulldog.

-- Uga8 makes the case for Aaron Murray, and it's a pretty compelling one.

-- Marc Weiszer talks to tight end Orson Charles about how he plans to improve on his stellar rookie season.

-- Leather Helmet Blog remains a bit cautious in buying into the better numbers during mat drills this year.

-- Bubba N Earl look at SEC out of conference scheduling this year and pick out the season's best games.

-- And along those lines, Chris Low breaks down the non-conference slates for each team, which for once doesn't have Georgia facing an uphill battle.

-- After breaking down the offensive signees earlier this week, Battle Hymn Notes projects the careers of each of Georgia's defensive signees, too.

-- Dancing in the End Zone reviews his 2009 predictions and makes amends for the bad ones.

-- Chris Low has a round-up of all the coaching changes in both the SEC East and SEC West.

-- With Ole Miss hoping to change its mascot to Admiral Akbar, Chad Gibbs has a great run down of which "Star Wars" character best represents each SEC team. (h/t Andy)

-- One of Gene Chizik's first big commitments at Auburn has decided to transfer.

-- Whatever you do, don't get caught with drugs three times at Tennessee.

-- The Sporting News profiles former Diamond Dog Mitchell Boggs, who is now pitching for the Cardinals.

-- And the AJC has a nice profile of Georgia sprinter Torrin Lawrence, who may well be the best athlete at UGA that most of you have never seen.

-- Anyone working at Macy's or delivering mail wanna go grab a few beers and bemoan our futures? (h/t Jim F)

-- This story about Frank and Jamie McCourt's finances bothers me on a number of levels, but I can't say that I'm upset with them about managing to not pay taxes. The problem is the tax system that allows it, not the people who take advantage of it.

-- If you haven't seen it already, it's always amusing to watch ESPN get punked by a Howard Stern fan. I love Scott Van Pelt, but shouldn't you be a little curious as to why Brian Westbrook sounds like a 45-year-old community college drop-out from East Orange?

-- Mike Wilbon offers some reaction to the Tony Kornheiser suspension.

-- And the New York Post has the full story on what Hannah Storm was wearing and what Mr. Tony said.

-- Sorry french fry lovers, but here's the ugly truth on what you're putting into your bodies. This is utterly disappointing. I love Five Guys' fries.

-- A couple of interesting "Lost" links for you... Here's one theory that I found pretty interesting that perhaps our flash sideways aren't exactly what we think they are; And here's a handy dandy time line that helps you put all of the action so far into chronological order.

-- Meanwhile, Locke and Ben are hoping to work together again in a series after "Lost" ends.

-- NPR has an interesting story that says that, for most people, their belief in climate change hinges not on any sort of facts, but rather on what their overall worldview is. Something tells me that decision-making philosophy isn't limited to climate change.

-- One episode of "Family Guy" last year resulted in 200,000 letters to the FCC complaining about the content. I gotta say, I used to like "Family Guy" but I think all the episodes are now is the writers trying to see how many complaints they can get. How about, you know, writing some jokes to go along with it?

-- David Simon talks about his new HBO show, which is set in New Orleans and sounds like it will have a lot of similarities to "The Wire."

-- And like every season of "The Wire," we have to end on a bit of a down note -- and I'm guessing none of the twenty-two pilots about cops currently in development will provide the same quality. Seriously, this is why people hate network TV now. (Had a commenter say there were some problems with pop-ups and virus alerts on this link? Have others had an issue? If so, I'll delete it.)

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