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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Links (2/2)

Well, it has been a long and arduous journey, but our wait has finally come to an end.

No, not signing day. The premier of the final season of "Lost."

At this point, those of you who don't watch the show can probably just skip right to the links.

For the rest, here's my tribute to Season 6... which character best fits each SEC coach.

Mark Richt is... John Locke. Both are men of faith, both are the elder statesmen of their group, both have had run-ins with a few of the other "leaders" and, Richt keeping Willie Martinez on staff so long was a lot like Locke's insistence on pushing the button every 108 minutes despite no evidence that it did anything.

Urban Meyer is... Ben Linus. Potentially an evil genius, willing to lie about anything (like, I dunno, retiring, for example) to get what he wants.

Steve Spurrier is... Michael. Central part of the show's plot for the first few years, then he leaves. He returns a couple years later to great fanfare, but that storyline essentially went nowhere.

Lane Kiffin is... Libby. Arrives suddenly, stirs up controversy, then right as the story starts to get interesting, she's gone.

Nick Saban is... Widmore. Rivalry with Ben will eventually kill everyone, also an evil genius, and can't you just see Saban telling Kirby Smart that he's not good enough to drink his expensive scotch?

Dan Mullen is... Richard Alpert. Ben's protege who is mysteriously far more likable.

Gene Chizik is... Dr. Artz. Strange character, no one was quite sure how he ended up on the show, but oddly, he turned out to be a bit smarter than he was given credit for. Until he blew himself up.

Bobby Johnson is... Charlie. Likable, but his talent was probably a bit overrated and, like any coach at Vandy, it's his fate to die a tragic death eventually.

Houston Nutt is... Sawyer. Manages to be kind of charming with his Southern drawl, but his internal demons will always get the best of him. But hopefully there won't be any shirtless beach scenes with Houston.

Bobby Petrino is... Sayid. A mercenary who has so much blood on his hands, he'll never quite escape his past. Plus, I assume Petrino would also be easily duped by every random girl he meets at a bar.

Les Miles is... Hurley. I can't help but like him even though Miles screws stuff up and has about the same luck as if he'd played cursed numbers in the lottery.

Rich Brooks is... Jacob. Well, they're both really, really old.

OK, some links...

-- A defensive tackle Georgia coveted ended up committing to Auburn.

-- Nickell Robey won't be signing with Georgia on Wednesday, making him the second player to decommit from UGA.

-- The Grit Tree got a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at how UGA hits the recruiting trail.

-- The Augusta Chronicle has a story on what life has been like as a walk-on for Georgia's Reuben Faloughi.

-- The Senior Bowl proved to be a good proving grounds for Jeff Owens, whose draft stock is rising.

-- After a flirtation with Stanford, Willie Martinez ended up on the staff at Oklahoma now.

-- Mat drills are under way for the Bulldogs, which means I can start writing stories about how this is the toughest offseason ever in about three weeks.

-- Kirby Smart is in line to get an awfully big raise today... or as it is now called, "The Mark Richt Bump."

-- Hoop Dawgs tried to rank the best dunks of the season by Travis Leslie.

-- Bleacher Report thinks Georgia could still be postseason material despite its 9-10 record.

-- Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo are reuniting as the Griswolds for a Super Bowl ad.

-- Wow, Rip Torn has immediately shot up the charts of all-time great celebrity mug shots. Nick Nolte must be proud.

-- The house from "Full House" is for sale if anyone's looking to move to San Fran.

-- Here's a nice break from the late night wars -- an HBO special from 1981 starring David Letterman.

-- And finally, TV Guide gets a few answers from the executive producers of "Lost."

OK, that's all I have time for today... busy day. But, don't forget I'll be live blogging from signing day tomorrow.


PatinDC said...

Love the LOST in the SEC. You are spot on with those comparisons.

Kevin said...

GREAT comparisons

Anonymous said...

1. loved the Lost/coach comparison, but I am pretty sure you need to find a Joker Phillips comparison...Lapidus? Been playing an integral role for an ancillary project, but looks to be a "candidate" for the upcoming Jacob, Rich Brooks is out of the picture, but casts a long shadow...

2. How the hell did Rip Torn get out of that DUI when he ran into the taxi?

3. What is Rip Torn drinking "one pint" of to get so blitzed he passed out in an empty bank holding a loaded pistol?

4. Was there ever a chance that a guy named Rip Torn would not turn into a raging alcoholic?

It's like a guy being named Blaze Green. What are the odds of him having short term memory at 60?

Anonymous said...

No Jack?......maybe Paul Johnson, since he's the opposite of Richt/Lock. .

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know Johnson is in ACC, it's just an idea....

Noops Dawg said...

I think Paul Johnson would have to be Leslie Arzt, that science teacher guy who accidentally blew himself up with dynamite in season 1.

Carter said...


Best. Lost. Link. Evah.

Also, this quote from Glengarry Glen Ross sums up whats been going on at Butts-Mehre: "Your name is "you're wanting", and you can't play the man's game, you can't close them, and then tell your wife your troubles. 'Cause only one thing counts in this world: get them to sign on the line which is dotted. You hear me you f^(&!n' f@**%#s?"