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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Links (2/18)

Aloha, folks. Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday.

A couple quick things I wanted to mention before we get to the links...

1.) Yes, I've posted a lot of numbers-related posts lately. Given that I haven't had an opportunity to interview a football player in weeks, that's the best I can do. Sorry.

2.) I updated our blog roll (on the right side of the blog --->), deleting links to sites that haven't updated recently and adding some new links in. If you have another UGA or college football-related blog you think I should include, let me know. If you find broken or outdated links posted, let me know that, too. Oh, and I'm hoping to keep a relatively updated list of UGA athletes on Twitter, too.

Also, one last apology: I had the misfortune of looking at the blog using Safari as my Web browser yesterday, and I noticed that it looked awful. Formatting for tables and other similar issues were a disaster. It doesn't look like that on Firefox, so I'm not entirely sure what the problem is. If anyone has any tips on ways I can keep the formatting uniform on different browsers, I'm all ears.

OK, on to some links...

-- A quick Dawgs blog update: If you were a regular reader of Catfish & Cornbread, a couple of its purveyors have launched a new site -- Be sure to check it out.

-- Georgia's defense couldn't get the job done in Knoxville, and Mark Fox's Dawgs dropped yet another game on the road.

-- Bernie isn't afraid to heap some high praise on Coach Fox regardless. (Actually, he wrote this before the game, but I'm guessing the result didn't change his mind much.)

-- My favorite thing I've read today? That'd be Mark Weiszer's excellent run down of Mark Richt facts to celebrate the coach's 50th birthday. Happy Birthday, Boca!

-- About Them Dawgs! has a great post up comparing this year's defense -- which returns just four starters -- with past seasons in which the Dawgs have had to replace a bunk of their defenders.

-- Scott Lakatos was ranked as the best defensive backs coach hire of the year nationally -- ahead of some guy named Willie Martinez.

-- Mr. SEC says Mark Richt isn't likely to find himself on the hot seat when UGA fans are still snatching up tickets. (Consider it a birthday present for CMR.)

-- Chip Towers talks to 2011 UGA commitment Chris Sanders, who is working hard to ensure next year's signing class is an impressive one.

-- Remember in my mailbag a few weeks ago when I posted an email from a reader named Wes, talking about the problems Florida draft picks have had in the NFL? Well, the fine folks at the Houston Chronicle go much deeper into all the gory details. (h/t GTP)

-- Eric Dickerson thinks he should have won the Heisman in 1982, and he's told Herschel Walker that, too.

-- This is incredibly sad news -- Vanderbilt's top signee for 2010 and Georgia native Rajaan Bennett was killed in an apparent murder-suicide last night.

-- The SEC's top returning quarterback broke his foot and will miss spring practice.

-- Sometimes I think the world is just too big and scary a place for a sweet, innocent man like Lane Kiffin to be forced to fend for himself.

-- Former Okie State wideout Dez Bryant talks about his "unfair" suspension and his NFL future.

-- You'll have plenty of opportunities to see the Diamond Dawgs this year.

-- My Fox Atlanta has video highlights of Chanse Veazey speaking to state lawmakers.

-- My second favorite thing I've read today: Baseball all-time, all-mustache team. A few thoughts: Tom Brookens looks like a creepy substitute calculus teacher who would occasionally cross the line with an underage girl in the front row; John Titus looks like a bloodhound; The role of Dwayne Murphy is being played by Billy Dee Williams; The role of Kevin Bass is being played by Steve Harvey; and of course, I can't quite figure out what Steinbrenner's baseball people were talking about. Ken Phelps looks like he should have gone to Tech. (Side note: I think that clip ranks as one of my top 10 favorites in "Seinfeld" history.)

-- Baseball Researcher has a fascinating (and quite odd) post about the Boston Braves' uniforms circa 1915, which just so happened to feature a swastika on the cap.

-- And more baseball! Topps is hoping to revive interest in card collecting among the 30- to 60-year-old crowd by helping you get back those cards your mom threw away.

-- I'm still mulling over the details of Tuesday's "Lost" episode, and I probably want to give it another watch before I offer any thoughts. But in the meantime, here's a great clip of every time Ben has gotten the crap beaten out of him on the show.

-- Stuff of Legend hasn't posted his analysis yet, but he's happy to say that this week's episode is among the best the show has done.

-- is keeping tabs on what questions "Lost" has answered, and the big ones we're still wondering about.

-- Oh, and one of the final "Lost" holdouts will be making a return this season, too.

-- I really had no idea how bad off Roger Ebert was. This profile in Esquire is both hard to read but utterly fascinating.

-- Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly has an updated guide to the chances of each network show getting a renewal for next season.

-- I have no idea who Mary Lou Lord is, but she was apparently friends with Kurt Cobain in the early '90s and has some great stories about what life was like during one of the (short-lived) golden ages of music.

-- And finally, I'm glad to hear the Oscars will be paying tribute to John Hughes. Now, that's it for today. The Donger needs food.


Scott said...

So what is Georgia's "bust rate" in the first 4 rounds of the NFL draft since 2001? UF is 50% it seems.

Anonymous said...

no more yanky your wanky?

"married?" "married" "married?" "married"...... "married?" "married... jees"


"oh garry was just taking a sh!t"... what a minute... wrong movie...

love ya