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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Georgia Pro Day Numbers and Notes

Your pro day numbers...

Bench press:
Mike Moore -- 22 reps
Prince Miller -- 22
Rennie Curran -- 27
Vince Vance -- 21
Bryan Evans -- 20
Rod Battle -- 10
Darius Dewberry -- 22
Kade Weston -- 21

*Notes: Battle's number was so low due to his shoulder still being injured a bit. Reshad Jones, Jeff Owens and Geno Atkins each let their bench numbers from the combine stand.

Vertical leap:
Prince Miller -- 37.5 inches
Mike Moore -- 36.5
Vince Vance -- 33.5
Rod Battle -- 31.5
Rennie Curran -- 35
Darius Dewberry -- 33
Bryan Evans -- 34.5

Long jump:
Rod Battle -- 8 feet, 9.5 inches
Rennie Curran -- 9-4.5
Darius Dewberry -- 9-7
Bryan Evans -- 10-1.5
Mike Moore -- 10-2
Kade Weston -- 8-1
Vince Vance -- 9-1
Jeff Owens -- 9-2
Prince Miller -- 9-8

40-yard dash (unofficial times):
Mike Moore -- 4.57
Rod Battle -- 4.79
Rennie Curran -- 4.60
Darius Dewberry -- 4.80
Bryan Evans -- 4.44
Reshad Jones -- 4.53
Prince Miller -- 4.48
Jeff Owens -- 4.96
Vince Vance -- 5.20
Kade Weston -- 4.97

A few notes:

-- Owens, Reshad Jones and Geno Atkins all have personal workouts scheduled with Miami. Geno said he also has a workout scheduled with Tampa Bay.

-- Talked to Dave Van Halanger, who said he thought virtually everyone helped themselves today. But the one guy who likely made the biggest step forward was Prince Miller, who showed well in virtually every drill and turned in an impressive 40 time.

-- I posted plenty of other details of the day on my Twitter feed if you want to check that out. I'll have some video from Pro Day posted later this afternoon, and Georgia opens practice (again) today at 4:05 p.m. I'll have updates from that as well.


the anonymous suckup said...

Can someone explain how two huge hulking linemen like Weston and Vance got their tails whipped on the bench press by Prince freakin' Miller?!? The phrase "looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane" comes to mind.

I guess I should be happy UGA had a receiver and a cornerback do relatively well on the bench press, but I'm too busy being befuddled by the poor performances of two linemen - linemen who played a LOT.

David, if you're aware of some injury that explains how two huge linemen managed only 21 reps on the bench, please tell me. I really hope there's some explanation...well...other than the obvious one...

jferg said...

I am in utter shock at the bench numbers...both very impressed with Miller and Moore and very DEpressed with Kate and Vince. I know a dozen guys who could do 20 reps of 225 in college...AND WE WERE FREAKIN' INTRAMURAL SPORTS GUYS!!! C'mon CVH...get it together.

Carter said...

As someone who lifts, I can tell you that guys with long arms often don't put up as many reps or as much weight as guys with short arms. That may or may not be the case here. FWIW, I've always thought that they should have prospects squat at the combine and pro-days.

Kevin Durant has a wingspan of 7+ ft and couldn't bench 150 lbs once before he was drafted. That didn't stop him from having the best offensive repertoire of any young player I've ever seen. But f-ball, b-ball, apples, oranges.

Also to paraphrase Deion Sanders, "No coach ever asked me to bench-press Jerry Rice."