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Friday, March 26, 2010

Where Have You Gone David Hale?

A quick update:

Unfortunately, I'm still going to be M.I.A. until likely Sunday. But I assure you, it's driving me crazy being away, so I'm probably going to set the bar at approximately 94 posts next week.

Also, I want desperately to write a 6,000-word diatribe on the Urban Meyer outburst. But it'll have to wait for a mailbag column that is in the works for early next week. (But, to ruin the surprise, my favorite part was that after the outburst, he had to go tell his daughter what a "bad guy" the reporter was, too. See... he is a family man after all!)

(And, as a friend of the blog, we can firmly attest that Jeremy Fowler is not a bad guy.)

In any case, I can't heap enough praise on the great work being done by Fletcher Page and Brandon Spoon in my absence. Don't forget about me just because they've made me obsolete!

And big thanks to all of you who sent along emails in my absence. They're very much appreciated. It's great to know that, even when I'm off spending some quality time with my family, I'm still hearing from my extended family in Athens.

1 comment:

chris said...

David, you might want to write 6000 words, but I would prefer that all the UF beat journalists BLAST Meyer. The arrogance of humiliating this Reporter was unbelievable and unfair. As a man of similar age to Meyer to attack this young reporter TRYING to do his job, maybe he should think of his daughter in the work place and having her BLASTED the same way by a rich pompous ass.

If Meyer wanted to scold anyone it should be the player making such a comment, not Fowler.

The story was accurate, but it just goes to show how arrogant Meyer is.