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Friday, April 3, 2009

Fox Introduced as Coach

UPDATE: Working on stories now following today's news conference. I'll have a piece on Fox, a piece on Damon and a story on player reactions. If you want some of the juicy details of the event, definitely check out my Twitter posts (see below). But here's a few of the need-to-know bits of info:

-- Damon met with Fox for the first time yesterday. He interviewed five candidates yesterday and chose Fox.

-- Fox's wife is the associate AD at Nevada. While she won't have a job waiting for her here, that played into the "CEO of basketball" moniker that Damon was looking for.

-- Fox's deal is 6 years at 1.3 million annually.

-- Talked with three players -- all said they had to Google Fox to find out who he was.

-- Trey Thompkins on the potential of transferring: "No comment." He said he'll want to talk a lot more with Fox before he makes up his mind, which doesn't sound all that promising. Obviously he was hoping for a hire that would force him to stick around. This wasn't it.

-- Fox said he doesn't know too much about the team yet, but admits there will be obvious struggles next season. Said he won't simply hand out scholarships to fill the roster. He would rather hold them for next year. He wouldn't give a time table on when he thought UGA would be competitive at a national level.

-- Fox said he has met with or talked to all of the players and the two incoming recruits. Said he has not yet decided on how he will handle Zac Swansey or Troy Brewer, who have said they plan to transfer.

-- More to come this afternoon.


The news conference to announce Mark Fox as the next Georgia head coach will happen at 11 a.m. Assuming I have cell phone service, I'll add some Twitter updates throughout the day.

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JJ said...

I don't read anything into Trey's comments other than that he is reserving judgement until he talks to Fox. I would expect that to have been his reaction no matter who UGA hired. No need to infer anything other than that.

Mike In Valdosta said...

I love the comment about not just handing out scholarships next year. That 6 year contract is going to help in many ways, most notably doing things the right way.