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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Links (4/1)

Another day, another quest to find out who the next basketball coach will be. No doubt a few new names will be floated today, but hopefully we're getting closer to actually getting some facts nailed down so we can all get back to caring about football.

Some links...

-- The St. Louis Post-Dispatch looks at the reasons Mike Anderson chose to stay put at Missouri.

-- Looks like we can officially scrap those Oliver Purnell rumors. He got a nice bump in pay at Clemson.

-- The Lexington Herald-Leader's John Clay live blogs the news conference to introduce John Calipari.

-- This can't be a good sign: Yahoo! Sports reports the search firm Georgia is using to find its next coach has contacted Ron Jirsa for his input on the situation.

-- Hey, a funny story about a former Florida Gator... good times.

-- Between hoops and spring football, the Diamond Dogs have had to take an undeserved backseat. They edged Clemson in a close game Tuesday.

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph looking at the importance of identifying playmakers on offense to releive the pressure on A.J. Green.

-- Get the Picture has some juicy tidbits from the new book detailing the behind-the-scenes happenings with Michael Adams and Co.

-- The Senator also looks deeper at the potential impact of moving the Georgia-Florida game from Jacksonville.

-- Matthew Stafford's private workout for the Detroit Lions was particularly impressive, according to Sports Illustrated.

-- Chattanooga's Darren Epps spends a few minutes talking with Mel Kiper Jr.

-- Former Bulldog Leonard Pope appears to be staying put in Arizona.

-- I guess the economy is getting to everyone. Expedia is offering super cheap flights to Mars.

-- "The Simpsons" are getting their own stamps soon.

-- Bad news for "Lost" fans, courtesy of

-- And finally, as a proud alum of hawking minor league sports to reluctant spectators, I'm particularly amused by this idea for a public relations ploy. Of course, it also means I'll need to link to this. Which, of course, forces me to link to my all-time favorite SNL skit.


Bernie said...

Thanks for the tip on Jirsa. I'm off to plant my own spaghetti tree and eat a left handed Whopper.

Doug said...

Are you sure that the LOST story isn't an April Fool's joke?

David Hale said...

I thought it was pretty obvious... no cancellation for Lost. Just having a little fun with you.