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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dog Bites

A few bits of wisdom and insight, courtesy of Mark Richt, Jeff Owens and Mohamed Massaquoi.

Richt on Brannan Southerland's injury rehab:

I've heard nothing of a setback. It's 12 to 16 (weeks). That s the range, and hopefully it's closer to 12 than 16.

Richt on distributing the ball on offense:

We've always really spread it around more than some people like. Last year was really the first time since Musa Smith that we've really had a featured back.

Richt on the pace of Georgia's offense:

Our philosophy has kind of changed. We have not been a team that's going to fast-break, no-huddle. We've been a little bit more deliberate about how we go about our business. We've been on the side of wanting to shorten the game, even offensively, at times.

Richt on why the offensive philosophy has changed:

What changed was my frustration at my inability to (speed up) with the rules we had. And then when you have the runners that we've had, you take advantage of that, too, in your balance of what you re trying to do. We became more of a team that s just going to get in the huddle and run our plays, but not do it at break-neck speed.

Owens on the depth on the D-line:

We have a lot of depth at a lot of positions. In the past, we haven t had a lot of depth, especially at defensive tackle. This year, we have like seven, eight guys, plus we have two new freshmen that have come in. So we have a lot of guys, a lot of talent. There s a lot of talented kids out there with that fire, they re hungry and want to win.

Massaquoi on freshman running back Caleb King:

He's a lot like Knowshon (Moreno). We knew Knowshon was going to be a great back. Caleb King is another guy that s loaded with talent. He brings a lot to the table. He's a hard runner with great vision, so he's going to do great things for us this year, also.

Massaquoi on the roles of Moreno and Matt Stafford:

Those guys, you re able to identify with them as the playmakers. You re able to identify with them as the face of Georgia. So the other guys are just trying to help them out as best we can.

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