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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fleeting Thoughts...

A few quick thoughts as we countdown to Mike Slive (about 10 minutes away)...

-- Outside the press room at the Wynfrey there are two coffee dispensers -- one regular, one decaf. That ratio seems way out of whack to me.

-- The lights in the media dining room were turned way down for lunch. I can only assume this was to set a romantic mood for the Tim Tebow love fest that's about to ensue.

-- The Heisman Trophy is resting comfortably just outside the door to the print media room. I'd love to hear some comments on who you all think should be the favorites to be holding it in NY at the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

Let's just say Knowshon knows Running and will soon know how to strike the pose! GO DAWGS!

Ben said...

Knowshon already knows how to strike the pose. Witness:

Selena said...

David, is this a real question?
Knowshon, duh!