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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Richt's Responses

Highlights from Richt ESPN chat, which you can find unedited by clicking here:

On future schedule of BCS non-conference opponents:

Mark Richt: When we added the 12th game, we decided as an administraion and myself to add a BCS conference team outside of the southeast region. We'll continue to do that.

On playing time for starters during Games 1 & 2:

Mark Richt: Our goal No. 1 is to try to win the ball game. We'll play the best we have as long as we need to to secure the victory. Our goal is to play a lot of players all throughout the game just so we can keep our starters fresh and healhty. A lot of young men have earned the right to play.

On AJ Green:

Mark Richt: I've not been able to see AJ Greene practice with our players this summer, the rules don't allow us to. But what I hear from our veteran players is that he's a special talent. He seems to be highly motivated to learn what to do. We're definitely going to give him a chance to show what he's got.

On the black jerseys:

Mark Richt: The black jerseys are in Athens and I'm just not sure when we're going to wear them. But we will wear them this year.

(side note: Richt asked questioners for their thoughts on which game the black jerseys should be broken out for... he got varied responses... perhaps that's a better poll for this blog.)

On the kick return and fullback positions:

Mark Richt: Two very good questions. As far as our fullback position Shaun Chapas will be our No. 1 fullback. While Brannon Southerland recovers from his foot surgery. We have moved two LBs to fullback, one being Benjamin Boyd and the other Justin Fields. Just to make sure that Shaun doesn't take too much punishment during the preseason and early in our regular season.

Mark Richt: As far as kick returner, we really are not certain at all as to who will be returning punts or kicks. Asher Allen has done both, and we will probably limit his returning to either punt or kick return. Ramarcus Brown has done a great job as a kick returner and he's the No. 1 candidate now at that position. There's a lot of young talent that's out there that will be vying for the chance to return punts and kicks for us.

On how his son is adapting to life at Clemson:

Mark Richt: Once he got his roommates this summer, I didn't hear from him until he ran out of money in the middle of the month.

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