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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Links (6/25)

Here's something that should get you feeling pretty good on a Friday: We are a mere 35 days away from players reporting for fall camp.

UGA released some tentative practice dates today, with players set to report on July 30. The 31st will be the first day of practice.

Although those dates aren't 100 percent finalized yet, it's interesting to note that they'll open practice on a Saturday. You'll remember in 2008, Mark Richt lamenting that he gave his guys one last weekend off -- and they ended up getting in a boatload of trouble because of it. Still, 2009 opened on a Monday, too, but this season it looks as if Richt and the Bulldogs will be getting an early start.

The annual fan picture day is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 21 -- which might be your lone chance to get your photo taken with "Russ," who will be filling the Uga role that day.


Couple of updates on my impending Athens departure:

-- First off, thanks so much to all of you who have commented, emailed, Facebooked, etc. It's been utterly overwhelming to hear so many positive comments. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Plus, I think it's been enough to convince my fiance that I'm a catch, despite the fact that she could do much better. So many thanks.

-- And thanks for the Athens farewell tour suggestions, too. I've hit 5 & 10, Casa Mia and, of course, Weaver D's already this week. I force fed myself some Peach Cobbler at Weaver D's, but it was completely worth it.

OK, how about a handful of links to wrap up the week...

-- Georgia got commitment No. 13 yesterday from the brother of current Bulldog Austin Long.

-- The fate of Georgia's biggest commitment thus far remains in limbo as an announcement regarding Christian LeMay looks like it will be delayed a bit.

-- The Chapel Bell has five "unexpected" players capable of a big breakthrough this year. I think UGA needs to hope for some good production from the first two, but if the Dawgs get anything this year out of the latter three, they'll be in good shape.

-- I expect big things from Caleb King and Washaun Ealey, too, but this might be a hefty comparison to heap on them right now.

-- Marc Weiszer writes that Gerald Robinson is getting excited for his shot in the SEC.

-- The Golden Nugget has some early betting lines on some of the bigger college football games this season. It's UGA lines for Arkansas (Dawgs -3), Florida (Dawgs +6), Tennessee (Dawgs -7), Auburn (Dawgs +3) and Tech (Dawgs -4) are pretty close to what my preseason projections were.

-- Barbara Dooley is utterly frustrating her son.

-- Alan Sepinwall has an interesting interview with Adam Scott, who is leaving "Party Down" for "Parks and Recreation" -- two of my favorite shows.

-- This article investigates whether "The Daily Show" has something against hiring women. It's a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the show that viewers don't usually get.

-- A woman in China found a spud that looks like Homer Simpson. Po-ta-d'oh!

-- By and large I really like this list of the 77 most unforgettable songs from movies. I only have three real complaints:

* There was nothing unforgettable about the movie "Daredevil." That movie is completely forgotten.

* I agree with the mention of "Oh Yeah" in "The Secret of My Success" but have one complaint. I just watched that movie the other day for the first time in at least a decade. It was terrible. I much prefer the song's use in "Ferris Buehler" (or probably any number of about 50 other '80s films).

* Screw Chad Kroeger. Nickelback sucks. And keep in mind, UGA has had back-to-back disappointing seasons since switching the pregame music to Nickelback.

-- And finally, I can only hope someone puts together a tribute for me the same way this Toronto fan did when Roy Halladay bolted for Philly.


Andrew Danger Fritze said...

"The End" by The Doors at 47? That is definitely top 5 all time for original music in a film. I stopped reading right after that just because I know some ridiculous song will be ranked higher- oh look! R. Kelly "I Believe I Can Fly" from Space Jam at number 46. Of course there were 46 better songs than Jim Morrison's masterpiece!

NRBQ said...

Check out the exquisite soundtrack album from Dumb & Dumber. Music direction by Todd Rundgren. A great road disc.

Anonymous said...

The Nickelback song has been playing pregame 2007, FWIW. Possibly 2006 but I know for sure 07.

-- Richt-Flair

Chris said...

I agree NRBQ. Dumb & Dumber soundtrack is a great listen. By the way David, why are you leaving Athens? I somehow must have missed this.

mikey bee said...

i hate nickelback as well, but technically they were the most successful band of the decade.

blame canada! (and your halladay video proves my point)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff (and plenty of bad ones)on that music list, so let me add a guilty pleasure--posting anonymously, of course. Thompson Twins, 16 Candles, If You Were Here.