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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Links (6/1)

I'll freely admit, this week is about the easiest "work" a reporter gets. Everything at the SEC meetings is, relatively speaking, very informal. There aren't a ton of breaking news stories (although expansion is going to be the buzzword of the week), so we have a lot of opportunity to explore the studio space, so to speak. And as business trips go, Destin isn't too shabby a destination.

But there was one thing I loved above all else about making this trip last year. The restaurant in the Hilton, where the meetings take place, had these amazing bananas foster crepes for breakfast. They were utterly unhealthy, but really, really good.

So, of course, diet be damned... that's what I was looking forward to this morning.

And, of course, they're no longer on the menu.

Trip = ruined.

There's just no substitute for crepes.

Some quick links...

-- Big congrats to Chelsey Gullickson, who won the NCAA women's singles championship yesterday. Would that count as the No. 1 highlight of the sports year for UGA?

-- Tony Barnhart offers a preview of what will likely be five key questions to come up during this week's meetings.

-- If expansion happens -- or doesn't -- you can be sure that the reason behind it is all dollars and sense. And just as the NCAA grossly overestimated the profitability of expanding the hoops tourney, it could be the diminishing dollars in the midwest that drives the Big Ten's growth. Ivan Maisel has a great piece for on how the rust-belt decline is affecting college football.

-- Chris Low's choice as Georgia's most irreplaceable player? Aaron Murray.

-- The Moultrie Observer looks at the potential impact of speedster Vance Cuff this season.

-- Better late than never: Our pal Brandon Spoon posts some additional photos from Georgia's G-Day game.

By the way, if you've been missing Brandon on this blog lately, fear not. We've got a project in the works where he'll be making his triumphant re-emergence.

-- Here's your informational tidbit to make you feel old for the day... yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the debut of "Seinfeld." Oddly, it also was the 10th anniversary of the debut of "Survivor."

-- For the go-getter in all of us, it's Dwight Schrute's top 10 skills... and how you can acquire them.

-- And finally... did you ever notice how much Tampa's Matt Garza looks like Zoltar from the movie "Big"?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I went with the Cuban breakfast sandwich. Ham and fried eggs? Well, it's no banana crepes, but it's not too shabby.

Mark Richt meets with reporters at noon central time today, so if you have any questions you'd like me to pose, let me know here or on Twitter.


jferg said...

Hey Hale…great news. If you're hankerin' for Bananas Foster breakfast…head down to "Another Broken Egg" (towards the bridge to Ft. Walton, on the left). They have ri-damn-diculous Bananas Foster French Toast that will by far kill those crepes you are missing. Trust me…as a long time Destin patron…this is the best breakfast between Destin and Raleigh, NC.

Oh, and be sure to head up to Destin Commons and grab a hot dog at "Dave's Dogs"--the kiosk in the middle of the shopping center. I promise, top 3 dogs you'll ever eat.

SECC in '10...Please said...

Just back home from Destin (i highly suggest club 10), it's great. Actually came back from the trip with a girlfriend. Which leads me to my question. I'm a student at UGA and my girlfriend is a cheerleader at LSU...what are the chances Richt can light a fire under Miles' ass to get the Bayou Bengals to ATL and visa versa?