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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits from SEC Meetings

I've got an awful lot of interviews to transcribe, but for now, here's a few quick notes from what Mark Richt, Mark Fox and Damon Evans had to say today...

-- Defensive end recruit Jalen Fields has not qualified and Richt said he does not expect Fields to be at Georgia this season. Richt said he's not sure where Fields will land -- whether that be GMC or elsewhere.

-- Richt said that, with the exception of Lonnie Outlaw, who we already knew was destined for GMC, all other players have qualified.

-- After some rumors that they might play baseball this summer, Richt said both Sanders Commings and Israel Troupe will be football only.

-- Richt said Marlon Brown might "already be our best blocking receiver."

-- Richt reiterated a few points on the QB situation. First, Aaron Murray was clearly Georgia's No. 1 QB at the end of the spring, regardless of what transpired with Zach Mettenberger. Second, Logan Gray remains the team's No. 2 QB on the depth chart, but Richt said Hutson Mason will likely receive substantially more reps this summer and fall.

-- Richt said that, because injuries prevented Justin Anderson from practicing this spring, Bean could theoretically still move back to the O line if the experiment doesn't go as planned during fall camp.

-- First question about Richt being on the hot seat came from SI's Andy Staples, who asked "does it amaze you that your name and the phrase 'hot seat' come up?" Richt's response: "I didn't know it had."

-- Mark Fox said he's hoping the SEC will rework its hoops tournament to seed teams 1 through 12 instead of the current structure.

-- Fox also said he still expects the NCAA tournament to continue to expand.

-- Damon Evans on David Perno and the baseball program: "He's had success, and there's no reason for me to believe he won't have success again. ... I look for Dave to have a good year next year."

-- Evans on possible changes to Perno's staff: "We haven't had any firm discussions on what he's going to do with his staff at this time."


Brett D said...

Andy Staples is an idiot..please punch him in the face for me at your earliest convienience. I questioned his ranking Arkansas over UGA in his "pre season" Top 25when there is no indication that Arky will be any better on Defense than the were last year (they have actually gotten worse each year since Petrino arrived) where as we changed our entire Defensive staff and I would argue have a much much higher talent level. He fired back a completely unprofessional response and was basically a giant D-bag about the entire thing. Being a D-bag must be a prerequisite for employment at (i.e. Mandel, Dan Patrick, et al).

Anonymous said...

Yes punch Andy Staples in the face and any other journalist trying to stir the pot. Support for Richt may be at an all time high in light of the offseason changes,IMO. Public perception goes a long way in a football program, either positively or negatively. Unfortunately the only ones that can relay that perception to other fans and the coaches/players is the media! It's unfair for the media to exploit this negatively. Especially when it's only a small contingent of fans that feel that way with the program.

True or untrue, the mere fact of mentioning it only brings a sense of negativity to the program. I get so tired of these sports journalists coming up with pandered story lines trying to cast doubt. If it's not a legit issue among the fans or program....stfu!