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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Georgia's Isner Keeps Going... And Going... And Going...

I have no idea how to put into context how ridiculous the match between Georgia's John Isner and France's Nicolas Mahut was at Wimbledon today. More importantly, I have no idea how to put into context how amazing the efforts of those two men were. The match became more riveting every second, and as the two fought on and on and on and on… it was absolutely sports at their best.

Huge credit to Mahut, who served to simply stay in the match throughout. Credit to Isner, who appeared to not want to call it a day when the ref suspended the match -- thus putting it into its THIRD day -- due to darkness.

It was the longest match ever, both in terms of time and games. Not by a little bit. But nearly doubling both previous Wimbledon marks.

It was an absolute marathon to watch. The two men were nailing one ace after another -- each have nearly doubled the previous Wimbledon marks -- and neither had the energy to break the other's serve. You might think that the night off could finally allow them to regain strength and put this to an end tomorrow… but how sore are they going to be when they wake up in the morning? I can't fathom.

Anyway, here's a bit of perspective:

My favorite all-time sporting event to watch was probably the Syracuse-Connecticut six-overtime game two years ago during the Big East tournament. That lasted a grand total of 3 hours and 46 minutes -- more than six hours shorter than Isner and Mahat's match that still isn't over.

Isner and Mahat have played 163 games (and counting) in their match. Last year, Roger Federer needed only 264 to win the entire two-week tournament.

For a little Georgia perspective: Isner's match has lasted (so far) 9 hours, 58 minutes. Georgia's football team had a total time of possession of just 6 hours, 23 minutes the entire 2009 season. Jeremy Price, Georgia's starting forward for much of the season last year, played a total of 9 hour, 18 minutes all year.

For some historical context, the longest professional baseball game in history was played in 1981 between Pawtucket and Rochester (a game that featured Cal Ripken, as a matter of fact). They played 33 innings (32 one day, 1 inning the next) and Pawtucket won 3-2. The total time of that game was 8 hours, 25 minutes -- more than 90 minutes less than Isner's still ongoing match.

And let's say that you started watching the match in Atlanta but thought to yourself, "Boy, I wish I could enjoy this in person." Well, that wouldn't have been a problem. Because while Isner and Mahut have been playing for nearly 10 hours, a flight from Atlanta to London takes only about eight.

Seriously, this was one of the most remarkable sporting events I've watched in quite a while, and while I'm far from the world's biggest tennis fan, I'll definitely be glued to my TV to watch the conclusion tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dude, have you changed your mind about leaving yet?

I just got back into civilization this afternoon, and the euphoria of watching the soccer replay was tempered with the news of your impending departure.

Those worthless Phillies fans do not deserve you.

This reminds me a lot of when Posnanski left the Augusta Chronicle when I was a kid.

Hopefully you will go on to have as much success as he has had. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


MauiDawg said...

DH, I must have read this wrong.You're going back to Delaware to cover....the Phillies?! Really Dave?! the drama around UGA football seems more appealing than any other sport or team out there you can cover, but hey that's just me.

I can understand missing family and wanting to get back home, so if that's the case, good luck and we'll miss you....

But if the job aspect is a main reason....Consider this very important fact. You are, without a doubt, the best person out there covering the Dawgs. As long as you cover the Dawgs you will ALWAYS have a job. We have fat wallets and want our football info.

Here's an idea..If you were to create a subscription site that charged $1k for annual membership, I'd be the first one sending you a check. There are probably at least100 others out there as well that . Think about should market yourself and skills instead of making money for these newspapers....

Congrats and again we'll miss ya brah,


JasonC said...

It's enough to make a cricket player blush.