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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Links (6/30)

A few bits of housekeeping right off the bat...

-- First off, I apologize for a rather lackluster effort on posts this week. In my defense, there's no way I could possibly have more on my plate right now than I'm currently accomplishing without my head exploding. But if it makes you feel better, I've tried to work ahead a bit so there will be a handful of posts going up while I'm away the next couple weeks.

-- Next up: This is probably completely unprofessional, but hey... I'm leaving, so who cares, right? Anyway, I've got a lease in Athens that I can't get out of. I need a subletter. Anyone know someone looking for a nice two bedroom house in Five Points? First round of beers is on me for whoever takes the place. Here's the Craigslist ad for more info.

-- My Pauley's beer card will be finished this weekend. Any suggestions for a proper signature phrase to go on my photo for the Pauley's wall? (And before you ask, yes, I've probably taken my commitment to my beer card much more seriously than my impending marriage for the past month. In my defense, my fiance is only about seven beers behind me.)

-- I know the BCS is never going to be a fan favorite, and I'm not suggesting there might not be a better alternative, but... when South Carolina wins the College World Series after dropping two of three to Kentucky and East Carolina during the regular season then scored a total of one run in the SEC tournament, how can you make the argument that a playoff ensures a more deserving national champion? In fact, let me rephrase that: If South Carolina wins anything, how can you call it a legitimate national title? (Note: That little jab at the Gamecocks will earn me some disgusting shots this weekend from my buddy who is a SC grad.)

OK, some links...

-- In case you missed it, I had a story in Monday's Macon Telegraph on Mark Richt's optimism for the 2010 season.

-- The Georgia Bullblawg has a follow up to Richt's rah-rah approach this offseason.

-- Well, this could certainly have something to do with why Travis Jones didn't become a coach at Georgia this offseason. Bullet dodged.

-- Ben Dukes has a good take on all the worry surrounding Aaron Murray this season.

-- Tim Tucker puts the Orlando Sentinel's No. 64 preseason ranking for UGA into context.

-- The AJC's Michael Carvell has a piece on the developing relationship between former Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford and former Tech receiver Calvin Johnson, now the key members of the Detroit Lions' offense.

-- And the brilliant career of Quincy Carter takes another step toward the Hall of Fame.

-- I tried very, very hard to get all the new uniform numbers of Georgia's freshmen. I failed. But Silver Britches picked up my slack.

-- News flash! ... Florida is officially worried about the upstart Georgia Bulldogs. OK, not on the football field, but take these moments of encouragement wherever you can get them.

-- This is extremely sad news. The daughter of former UGA coach Joe Kines was killed in a car accident on Monday.

-- Facebook strikes again! Ole Miss may be in line for a secondary recruiting violation after posting on a recruit's Facebook page.

-- In case you missed it, former Georgia tennis star John Isner provided the top 10 list on "The Late Show" on Tuesday. I thought he was funny, but how do you think he stacked up to the job done by Matthew Stafford last year?

-- So you remember my post over the weekend talking about my reporting jinx? Well, add this to the overwhelming evidence supporting the theory.

-- The Chicago Tribune has an excellent retrospective on "The Blues Brothers" 30 years after its release. And 10 years after the release of "Blues Brothers 2000," we're all still trying to pretend it never happened.

-- Alan Sepinwall offers some suggestions on who could replace Steve Carell on "The Office."

-- Salon offers a rare defense of "Entourage." I still haven't watched the premier and, given how much I've got going on, I'm not sure I'm going to be in a hurry to catch up.

-- "Friday Night Lights" is doing well in the ratings. Probably too little, too late for them to add future seasons though.

-- And finally, since I'm leaving, I should probably squeeze in "Lost" links whenever I can. Starz puts together a pretty funny bit detailing how the show should have ended.


Castleberry said...

Cut your grass man :)

Anonymous said...

You have the home decorating taste of a 75-year-old widow. Were you going for the mid-80's farm house look? Nice rugs. And why don't you mow the yard and clean up a little before taking pictures to advertise your house?

You're better than that David.

David Hale said...

2 points:

1.) A guy used to come cut our lawn, and I assume he was paid by the landlord. he hasn't been here in a while. What am I gonna do? Buy a lawnmower 2 weeks before I move?

2.) What about my writing here for the past two years would lead you to believe I know anything about interior design? Actually... don't answer that.

rbubp said...

Just says "mancave" all over it. (Except for that girly bed, however.)

You've been a great writer, friend. You'll be missed!